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North Korea likely views nuclear weapons technology as essential to maintain equal footing in negotiations with the South, and to extract food aid during the frequent famines. A 100 kiloton weapon delivered into a port city by a ship would destroy much of the city, hardly a "tactical" attack. Kim Kyung-Hoon/Reuters Others want nuclear weapons not to freeze the status quo, but to change it. The effects can be divided into four categories: instantaneous, near-immediate, short term and long term.

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The Longest Crisis in Northeast Asia: International Responses to the North Korean Nuclear Question (Global Conflict and Security since 1945)

Generals for Peace and Disarmament: A Challenge to U.S./NATO Strategy

Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Fall of Japan (Nuclear bomb, Atom Bomb, WW2, Pearl Harbor, WWII, Japanese History)

Future War and Counterproliferation: U.S. Military Responses to NBC Proliferation Threats (Praeger Security International)

Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy / by Henry A. Kissinger; Foreword by Gordon Dean [Hardcover]

Implementing the Comprehensive Test Ban: New Aspects of Definition, Organization and Verification (SIPRI Research Reports)

As Paul Goble reports: Clearly, [says Piontkovsky], Putin does not seek “the destruction of the hated United States,” a goal that he could achieve “only at the price of mutual suicide.” Instead, his goals are “significantly more modest: the maximum extension of the Russian World, the destruction of NATO, and the discrediting and humiliation of the US as the guarantor of the security of the West.” To put it in simplest terms, Piontkovsky continues, Putin’s actions would be “revenge for the defeat of the USSR in the third (cold) world war just as the second world war was for Germany an attempt at revenge for defeat in the first.” (To read Piontkovsky’s interview in Russian, go here .) If Putin is the old-school Soviet thug I now think he is, then his notional plan will look something like this: 1 Shopping for Bombs: Nuclear Proliferation, Global Insecurity, and the Rise and Fall of the A.Q. Khan Network One could speculate further that most of the inventory was in the form of aerial bombs (probably configured for the Mirage) and some were early prototypes of missile warheads for the Jericho I (which in October 1973 was apparently not yet operational) , cited: The Soviet View of U.S. download online It has increased the size of its nuclear arsenal in recent years. It has a policy of ambiguity in relation to its nuclear arsenal, neither confirming nor denying its existence , source: Heisenberg's War: The Secret History of the German Bomb Heisenberg's War: The Secret History of. Does India Need Tactical Nuclear Weapons? There is built into nuclear weapons greater destructive power than is necessary for military purposes, and their secondary, non-military effects overshadow those which relate specifically to their military use The Russian Nuclear Shield from Stalin to Yeltsin (Romanticism in Perspective) It is like saying we don't like chemical warfare - we don't like gas attacks - so we are going to give up and promise not to have any defences ever against them and that of course would mean then we are perfectly safe. ... ‘The Patriot was not a failure in the Gulf War - the Patriot was one of the things which defeated the Scud and in effect helped us win the Gulf War Nuclear Showdown: North Korea download here

These systems continued to be developed throughout the Cold War, although plans and treaties, beginning with the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty ( SALT I ), restricted deployment of these systems until, after the fall of the Soviet Union, system development essentially halted, and many weapons were disabled and destroyed (see nuclear disarmament ) , e.g. Nuclear Power: In the Wake of read here One thrust of our effort is a petition asking Congress to authorize the National Academies to undertake a study of the risk posed by our current nuclear strategy. My study, which indicates the risk is equivalent to living in a town surrounded by thousands of nuclear power plants, is preliminary and needs either confirmation or correction by such an in-depth, authoritative study. The petition drive has several other advantages that are explained on that page In the Shadow of the Bomb: Oppenheimer, Bethe, and the Moral Responsibility of the Scientist (Princeton Series in Physics) They were also much faster: an ICBM could be launched into sub-orbital flight from a missile silo before hitting targets halfway around the globe in less than 45 minutes Moving Beyond Pretense: read online

Sanctions as Grand Strategy (Adelphi series)

Nuclear Arms Control, with Effective International Agreements

Nuclear War

When deeply submerged, as in wartime or any moment of high political tension, Scarry writes,“…it can o-n-l-y-r-e-c-e-i-v-e-t-i-n-y-a-m-o-u-n-t-s-o-f-i-n-f-o-r-m-a-t-i-o-n-v-e-r-y-v-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y. In fact, the first three letters of the hyphenated message would have taken fifteen minutes to arrive, and the submarine would have had no way to confirm its receipt of the letters.” The information gets conveyed, she explains, “ Extremely Low Frequency (or ELF) waves, giant radio waves each 2500 miles in length that can (unlike any other band of the electromagnetic spectrum) penetrate the ocean depths epub. If it ever hits 0, the game ends, with everyone losing. The Empire superweapon in Perimeter is a SRBM note Short Range Ballistic Missile launcher with a tactical nuclear warhead, but it's simply called a "Ballistic Missile Launcher" StarCraft: While nuclear missiles are used, they're very much a Slap-on-the-Wrist Nuke (even taking Units Not to Scale into effect), most buildings will survive getting hit by one The B-45 Tornado: An Operational History of the First American Jet Bomber download here. CHINA INVADES TAIWAN, STARTING ESCALATION TO WORLD NUCLEAR WAR Taiwan declares independence. China begins Taiwan invasion, threatening to use nuclear weapons against U War As a Political Weapon in download epub War As a Political Weapon in the Nuclear. Chinese space assets, its strong missile design capabilities along with ground based sensing and command and control capabilities, have been put together in a new architecture that will significantly raise the risks for US involvement in a Taiwan conflict. Chinese space capabilities also form a crucial component of such a strategy. In order to put out a ‘strong’ signal, China has since 2005 conducted at least six known or suspected Anti-Satellite (ASAT) tests US Army, Technical Manual, TM read for free In a conventional world, a country can sensibly attack if it believes that success is probable. In a nuclear world, a country cannot sensibly attack unless it believes that success is assured ref.: War Talk

Crisis on the Korean Peninsula

Los Alamos Rolodex: Doing Business with the National Lab 1967-1978

Japanese Perspective on the War in Pacific (Visual Statistics Illustrated)


Reductions Without Regret: Avoiding Box Canyons, Roach Motels and Wrong Turns

Christmas Island - The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story

India's Emerging Nuclear Posture: Between Recessed Deterrent and Ready Arsenal

Button Up: Secrecy and Deception in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

50 Days of War and Peace or Why Harry Dropped the Atomic Bomb (2 Volume Set) (Paperback)

Nuclear Weapons (Two Book Set with Video and Audio CD-ROMs)

You and the Atomic Bomb: History of Nuclear Bombs

Planning the Unthinkable: How New Powers Will Use Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)

Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe

Underly­ing Gorbachev's insistence on limiting SDI was a persistent defensiveness concerning the USSR's economic and technological circumstances. Throughout 1986, Reagan and his advisers paid increasing attention to the economic difficulties of the USSR. Reagan was particularly optimistic that Gorbachev might be compelled to introduce broad changes in Soviet policy and the Soviet regime itself The Radiance of France: Nuclear Power and National Identity after World War II (Inside Technology) The Radiance of France: Nuclear Power. While the warhead was tested in Nevada in the early 1990s, the 'British' missiles themselves were test launched at Cape Canaveral under US supervision. The continued development of Trident threatens both the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and world stability. Has Lost During the Cold War the United States military misplaced at least eight nuclear weapons permanently. These are the stories of what the Department of Defense calls "broken arrows"—America's stray nukes, with a combined explosive force 2,200 times the Hiroshima bomb Armageddon in the Classroom THE NPT Treaty recognizes the "devastation that would be visited upon all mankind by nuclear war...[and] the nuclear proliferation of nuclear weapons..."45 The 1969 treaty obligates the signatories to abstain from transferring nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devises to non-nuclear states46 and obligates them to accept all safeguards (such as verification) as agreed to in the treaty The Manhattan Project: Big Science and the Atom Bomb (Revolutions in Science) Overpressures on the order of 0.5 to 2 psi, which would prevail within 1.3–2.2 km of the hypocenter of a 1-kiloton blast, will turn a window into a thousand particles of glass traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour , cited: Atomic Energy for Military read online Atomic Energy for Military Purposes:. This technology is advanced and expensive and so would be inaccessible to military forces without considerable resources Nuclear Weapons and Arms read online She believed that science should be used for constructive purposes, not for weapons of mass destruction , e.g. Hegelian Reflections on the download for free The failure of nuclear weapons states to act to eliminate their nuclear arsenals will likely result in the proliferation of nuclear weapons to other nations. If nuclear weapons states continue to maintain the position that nuclear weapons preserve their security, it is only reasonable that other nations with less powerful military forces, such as North Korea, will decide that their security should also be maintained by nuclear arsenals Power Versus Prudence : Why download here It compelled the states to work for securing disarmament and arms control. However, on the other hand, the emergence of nuclear weapons and arms race made the negotiations for disarmament and arms control highly complex, confusing and problematic. The issue of disarmament came to be the problem of disarmament in the nuclear age Technology and Security in the 21st Century: A Demand-side Perspective (SIPRI Research Reports) North Korea's fifth and biggest nuclear test could have implications for U. S. policy toward the North, China's role in the region, and the stability of the Kim regime. As the last case of nuclear proliferation fades further into history, it may become politically difficult to allocate resources to preventing it as other pressing threats, such as bio- and cyber-terrorism, continue to emerge The Ultimate Evil: The Fight download online Appalled by the Eisenhower nuclear doctrine of massive retaliation, Kennedy and his advisers had sought more flexible war plans that included greater emphasis on conventional weapons The Nuclear Express: A read here

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