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Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:40 am Post subject: Re: Political spin training He forgot to mention the important RENOGULATOR. And I don’t feel terribly bad about it.” In November 2008, WATCH filed a four-page complaint with the Board on Judicial Standards with regard to Aldrich’s handling of the murder trial that took place over several weeks in October and November. And if–while she is working twice as hard to be taken seriously (even though pneumonia)–she works herself to the point of exhaustion, it won’t be looked at as a sign of how bad ass she is… It will be taken as a sign of her feminine fragility.

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But if your goal is fewer and fewer abortions, you should be voting for someone who is actually interested in changes in POLICY that give women better access to affordable healthcare, more access to birth control, and sex education that is more nuanced than “Don’t do it because Jesus.” And that person is NOT Donald Trump. The numbers seem to suggest that you should be voting Democrat O is For Obama: An Irreverent A-to-Z Guide to Washington and Beltway Politics They enjoyed a relatively high level of autonomy, not because the Islamist was a liberal, but because his government was highly ineffective—crackdowns on penal code violations like “blasphemy” and “insulting the president” never made it very far and failed to deter most opposition journalists What the L? download pdf The election of 1912 was the most memorable election of the Progressive Era and one of the most unique of the 20th century , source: You're Not Very Important Beginning in the late 1800s with the challenge to the "spoils system" of machine politics, progressivism gathered momentum between 1900 and 1916, as the desire for reform permeated the minds of the American people , e.g. The Westminster Alice: A read here A girl named Lucy had not gone along with the crowd. The teacher asks her why she has decided to be different. “Because I m not a liberal Democrat.” “Then,” asks the teacher, “What are you?” “Why I m a proud conservative Republican,” boasts the little girl Makers and Takers read here You’re “going on a mandatory field trip to the administrative building.” Click their pictures to see books by and about them. John Cleese Ridicules Political Correctness: ‘We Can’t Make Jokes About Mexicans?’ Recently, British comedian and writer John Cleese discussed the irony of political correctness The Best Ever Book of Spaniard download online And then I couldn't do the punk thing because that seemed too much like joining. So there was this sort of ironic distance you adopted in your twenties that had to do with a sort of arty, snotty distance that you see in like the Talking Heads back in those days The Best Ever Book of Moldovan Jokes: Lots and Lots of Jokes Specially Repurposed for You-Know-Who The Best Ever Book of Moldovan Jokes:. Before the election, which saw the party of John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi return to power, Jihad Jaara, a senior member of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and the man who led the terrorist group's 2002 seizure of Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity, expressed this wish: "Americans should vote Democratic."

Before the war, Romania had and elite class composed of intellectuals, civil servants and professionals that occupied important political positions and were able to exert significant influence within the power structures (Chirot, 1978) Going Nucular: Language, read epub Those who met yesterday at the Sullivan First Christian Church to discuss the possibility of holding a “separate but equal” prom say others agree with their idea but are reluctant to speak up. “We want to make the public see that we love the homosexuals, but we don’t think it’s right nor should it be accepted,” said student Bonnie McCammon. Thankfully, there to ensure Sullivan High School remains a bigoted, backwater bastion of homophobia complete with a separate and segregated prom for straight (and closeted!) kids only is none other than super straight, super special (neediest) teacher Diana Medley online.

What the L

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Another madman said, “Why should we worry, we live in Hindustan.” Osama bin Laden threatened Russia: If you get caught up in this war… I ll hide from you too! QUESTION: How long does a United States Congressman serve? QUESTION: Name the loser in the 1976 presidential race. A minister and lawyer were chatting at a party: “What do you do if you make a mistake on a case?” the minister asked. “Try to fix it if it’s big; ignore it if it’s insignificant,” replied the lawyer. “What do you do?” lawyer asked. “Oh, more or less the same download. Duus, Peter. "Presidential Address: Weapons of the Weak, Weapons of the Strong--The Development of the Japanese Political Cartoon." The Journal of Asian Studies. 60.4 (2001): 965-997. Political Cartoons in the 1988 Presidential Campaign. Comic Transactions: Literature, Humor, and the Politics of Community in Twentieth-Century Britain. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1994 , cited: What the Huck! download epub Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:54 am Post subject: Political spin training To be deemed competent at political spin, you must be able to do this without a script; Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:07 am Post subject: Re: Political spin training Yup...the bean counters in the Gubment will see a definite avenue of savings in that one Pete , source: Red, White & Liberal: How Left read pdf C., barbershop, got his hair cut and asked how much he owed. “No charge, Father,” the barber said. “I consider it a service to the Lord.” when the barber arrived at his shop the next morning, he found a dozen small prayer booklets on the stoop along with a thank you note from the priest Change is in the air The entire Establishment needs to come crashing down. I saw that back in 2008 and felt that everything has been rigged in the last 8 years, with George Soros in particular having too much power and sway over our country. He is a living, breathing James Bond villain…and no one does a damn thing about him online.

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Here’s how much of America heard the news. “[John Pistole retired today.] His employees toasted him with less than three ounces of champagne You want my advice? (Pt. 8) You want my advice? (Pt. 8). And with the House possibly in play, even more Democrats will rally against Trump. Yesterday, for the first time Al Gore made a joint campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton in Florida epub. The jokes denigrating the Communist Party, its members and cadre as well as the socialist state institutions and bureaucracy represent 19 percent of the political jokes analyzed Dave Barry Turns 50 The fact that I would much rather paint in ways that have been tried and true for hundreds and hundreds of years ref.: The Fall Reviews: 51 I have a moral question for you... » Category: Politics jokes , e.g. Blood, Debt and Fears: download epub download epub. Title of this video is “AAP Ka Aam: Na Guthli, Na Koi Kaam!” There is a famous scene in 1970s blockbuster “Sholay” in which one of the protagonists, Jai, goes to the aunt of Basanti to discuss possibility of a marriage between Basanti and his friend Viru Secret Lives of the U.S. download online download online. Because if that fool Reagan was right all along… …what kind of fool am I? Tic(k)s: Blood sucking creatures A redneck calles up the White House and tells the receptionist: “I d like to become the next President of the United States.” The receptionist: “What are you, an idiot?” Redneck: “Why, is it required?” A little girl asked her father, “Daddy pdf? Many employers will live dangerously -- from prejudice, ignorance, or even a commitment to free expression. Many fact-finders will apply high thresholds of "severity" and "pervasiveness" rather than low ones. But this is true of all speech restrictions. Sexually themed literature wasn't completely suppressed by pre-1960s restrictive obscenity laws. Sedition laws are notoriously ineffective at suppressing sedition ref.: Red Dog/Blue Dog: When Pooches Get Political read epub. For example, whenever I take a cab, I give the driver a sizable tip and say, Vote Democratic. His opponent said, I have a better scheme, and it doesn’t cost me a nickel. And when I leave, I also say, Vote Democratic. ‘ A Republican and a Democrat were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person epub. Some seem to have had positive connotations, while others had an ambiguous script. "Two friends talk over a drink in a restaurant. - What do you think of Ceausescu? - Not here, with so many people around , source: What the Huck! What the Huck!. Below you will find a selection of 50th wedding anniversary jokes you can use to add a touch of humor to your unforgettable anniversary party or celebration.50th wedding anniversary jokes and quotes. Great Multicultural North: A Canadian Primer for Hosers, Immigrants and Socialists As NASA is selling its soul to capitalism, China is finishing up its secretive military facility in Argentina, which will help them in their space endeavors. China is ruled by one of the greatest governments on earth, which has crushed all opposition to its authority and has built a substantial economy ref.: Repugnicance: The 2012 Version of the Republican Babble read online. Bill Clinton broke out in rage after being asked a line of questions about him being controlled. Interviewer: “Who pulls your strings, Bill? What special interests control you?” Clinton: “You leave Hillary out of this!” 29. Bush, and George Washington are on a sinking ship. 30 OH-BOY-O-BAMA - A DIORAMA OF OBAMA JOKES (Wilhite Write - Political Humor Book 1)

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