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Comparative study of historical and contemporary Christian approaches to the nature, sources, methods, and concepts of ethics in diverse contexts. First, the integrity of the particulars (the individual laws) in Christian ethics is preserved. The emphasis in the first is on distinctiveness, in the second on specificity or uniqueness. Mutual, not even to mention sacrificial, love is hardly the guiding rule of relations between General Motors and Toyota, nor does either have aspirations in that direction.

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Setting Love in Order: Hope and Healing for the Homosexual

Since God in bestowing his grace works gratuitously, and since we likewise should act gratuitously when we love (Mt 10:8; Lk 14:12—14), the “great reward in heaven” (Lk 6:23) can therefore be nothing else but Love itself The Skeletons in God's Closet: The Mercy of Hell, the Surprise of Judgment, the Hope of Holy War read online. A systematic and interpretative study of the Church which explores the biblical and historical foundations of it nature, mystery and mission. An examination of the ways in which the Roman Catholic Church is affected by the structure and dynamics of society. Satisfies the second institutional requirement in religious and theological studies online. How many more would have died absent removal of Saddam, who brutally manipulated those sanctions for his own enrichment and repression of his enemies? And how would Saddam’s remaining in power have affected the U download. You place your ladders in the heavens and I on earth that I may not seek so high or fall so low." The more classical culture religions, such as Neo-Platonism and Buddhism, are characterized by a tragic sense of finitude in which sin and evil identified with temporality; and salvation is conceived as an escape from the temporal to the eternal world, escape which necessarily involves the destruction of individual personality, since individuality is the product of finite existence , source: Our Sacred Honor: Stories Letters Songs Poems Speeches Hymns Birth Nation CST Our Sacred Honor: Stories Letters Songs. Proverbs 5:15-20 is a text which many people don’t consider when they are building a sexual ethic epub. You manifest a powerful message, both verbal and nonverbal, of a supernatural approach to work. The world today needs this powerful witness to the reality of Christ and the difference that He makes in His followers. ( Matthew 5:16 ) What are your thoughts? What biblical principle about work would you add Free: Spending Your Time and Money on What Matters Most We are confronted with the historic claim that the Bible is authoritative, and yet when we read it, we find ourselves in an unbelievable world.� We read about bodies being levitated up into heaven�and we know that heaven, wherever it may be, is not located 50,000 feet or so above Palestine... We discover that the whole Biblical framework seems to presuppose a "three-story universe" with heaven up in the air, hell beneath the earth, and earth a fixed point in-between�and we know that this view was exploded at least as long ago as the seventeenth century. [6] Then Brown asks a very serious question: "Can we retain a Protestant emphasis on the centrality of Scripture, and still do justice to the fact that we live in the twentieth century?" [7] � As solutions to this dilemma, Brown suggests: 1) that we distinguish between the Word of God and the words of Scripture, so that authority rests in the former and not in the latter, 2) that we place our trust in the message about Jesus and not in the letter itself, 3) that we take very serious consideration to the work of the Holy Spirit who can, and must inspire us just as He did the Biblical writers, and�� 4) that we recognize Biblical authority wherever, by listening, we find the meaning of life. [8] For the task of ethics as well as for the moral life,� this implies a limited usefulness of the Biblical message.� As a consequence, we must hear what is said in the Biblical cultural context and attempt to adapt the meaning individually for us today.�� The claim is that the Holy Spirit will lead us in that journey; that we must face the fact courageously that we cannot find one universally-sanctioned will of God for today.� The Bible is not able to sustain such a burden.� Scripture, apparently, must remain central if we want to remain Protestants, but it must not be taken at face value.� It holds priority over other loci, personal experience, church, and reason, but this is only because it contains what other authorities could not discover without its help: the revelation of Jesus, the Savior of the human race. 4.� Is Scripture Relevant for Today's Generation online?

Morality is a means to some other end; it is in no way an end in itself. Space does not allow for a detailed critique of utilitarianism here. Suffice it to say that the majority of moral philosophers and theologians have found it defective , e.g. Ethical Responsibility: download epub Crable, 'Modulation of memory by the pituitary hormones' in Vitamins and Hormones (New York: Academic Press, 1979), p. 37; J. Barber et al., 'The relationship between nitrous oxide, conscious sedation and the hypnotic state', Journal of the American Dental Association 99 (1979), pp. 624—6. 9 R Theological Ethics download pdf Advances in anaesthesia and technology brought the 'life support system', and with it the possibility of open heart surgery and organ transplantation Be Good and Do Good: Thinking read for free If in God's future the lion will lie down with the lamb, then perhaps now we should seek to the degree possible to live in the realization that human harmony depends upon harmony throughout all of nature Hope in Times of War: A download epub Hope in Times of War: A Theological.

Conscience: An Owner's Manual

The Spiritual Revolution: Why Religion is Giving Way to Spirituality (Religion and Spirituality in the Modern World)

I believe that my view is in harmony with much of the spirit and substance of the New Testament, including the teachings and example of Jesus, who did not always insist that everybody all the time sacrifice everything for someone else download. An action is right if it is what a virtuous agent would do in the circumstances Justice in the Making: Feminist Social Ethics If the Church is to truly be a social ethic it must not offer principles to live by but must offer training in the skills for living, training in faith, hope, love, patience, etc ref.: Sin in Valentinianism (Dissertation Series (Society of Biblical Literature)) Clinton 43n gay movement 224 genetic engineering xiii George, William P. 46n Gilby, Thomas 197n Gilligan, Carol 92, 94n, 165, 171n Glover, Jonathan 282 Gold, P. 328n Goldman, L. 329n Gottwald, Norman 174, 184n Granone, F. 327n Green, Michael 94n Gregory, St 85,91 Griscom, J From Sacrament to Contract, download here When a speaker of the Akan language wants to say, “He has no morals”, or, “He is immoral”, or “He is unethical”, “His conduct is unethical”, he would almost invariably say, “He has no character” (Onni suban). The statement, “He has no morals”, or “He is unethical”, is expressed by a speaker of the Ewe language as, nonomo mele si o (which means “He has no character”) Christian Ethics in a Technological Age Since killing itself is highly problematic, the just war theorist has to proffer a reason why combatants become legitimate targets in the first place, and whether their status alters if they are fighting a just or unjust war. Firstly, a theorist may hold that being trained and/or armed constitutes a sufficient threat to combatants on the other side and thereby the donning of uniform alters the person’s moral status to legitimate target; whether this extends to peaceful as well as war duties is not certain though Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the download epub download epub. What kind of building (or combination of buildings, fields, etc.) should a prison be? What facilities should or should not be available to the inmates? What limitations, if any, are to be put on visiting by people from outside the prison? All these and many other questions would need to be answered, but on what basis? It could also be said that seeking to make the punishment fit the crime does not necessarily serve the cause of justice For Fidelity: How Intimacy and Commitment Enrich Our Lives

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Resistance:Â The New Role of Progressive Christians

On Human Dignity: Political Theology and Ethics

The Bible for Ethics: Juan Luis Segundo and First-World Ethics

Marriage, Celibacy, and Heresy in Ancient Christianity: The Jovinianist Controversy (Oxford Early Christian Studies)

A Good New Spirituality: Finding Holiness in Parish Life

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On Moral Medicine: Theological Perspectives on Medical Ethics

Inspired Sustainability: Planting Seeds for Action (Ecology and Justice)

Ethics, Religion, and the Good Society: New Directions in Pluralistic World

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The Adam and Eve Motivational Guide

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He co-edited The Splendor of Accuracy: An Examination of the Assertions Made by 'Veritatis Splendor'. He has also written a number of commentaries on Church documents and articles on various other topics , cited: 7 Saving Graces: Living Above the Deadly Sins It has discovered rather belatedly that this same modern mind, which only yesterday seemed to be the final arbiter of truth, beauty, and goodness, is in a sad state of confusion today, amidst the debris of the shattered temple of its dreams and hopes. In adjusting itself to the characteristic credos and prejudices of modernity, the liberal church has been in constant danger of obscuring what is distinctive in the Christian message and creative in Christian morality ref.: Brave New World?: Theology, download for free A hundred years ago in America and Canada the extended family was the norm, today the nuclear family is, with single parent families coming on strong. In China this transition, from extended to nuclear family, took place in living memory, many adults still in their prime can remember extended families, and were raised in them ref.: Spirituality, Ethics and Care read pdf Louisville: Westminster/John Ruether, Rosemary Radford. Sexism and God-Talk: Towards a Feminist Theology. D. 'Feminist Perspectives on the Bible and Theology: An Introduction to Selected Issues and Literature.' Interpretation 42 (1988): 5-18. New Horizons in Hermeneutics: The Theory and Practice of Transforming Biblical Trible, Phyllis. After Eden: Facing the Challenge of Gender Reconciliation Christian Ethics and the Human Person. Truth and Relativism in Contemporary Moral Theology read here. The same intelligence which operates to introduce harmony into the anarchy of impulse also creates anarchies upon higher levels. Only a nation which has achieved internal harmony and integration and has the imaginative capacity to look beyond its borders can be imperialistic. Only adults and mature nations are prompted in their dealings with others by stubborn vindictiveness. Vengeance requires memory, and memory is an achievement of intelligence Who Is My Enemy?: Questions read pdf One of the strongest forms of ethics training is practice in resolving complex ethical dilemmas. Have staff use any of the three ethical-dilemma-resolution methods in this guidebook and apply them to any of the real-to-life ethical dilemmas also listed in this guidebook. 6 Lectures on Calvinism download online Michael Hill's notes of 1979 formed an excellent course that was not easy to forget. But I did forget the difference between 'ethical theories' and 'moral codes'. Although the terminology of 'ethics' and 'morals' are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation, a distinction can be made that I think is helpful , e.g. Theology for International Law download for free Another way lies in the kind of prayer that seeks God at the heart of one's own personality and inevitably finds truth about oneself along the way.2 It is particularly sad that, in hiding the truth about ourselves, we can be concealing something far more beautiful than that which we portray End of Life Care: Ethical and read pdf God is claimed to be sovereign, to have the authority to tell us how we are to live our lives. There are also a number of biblical examples of God commanding acts that would otherwise be thought to be morally wrong, acts such as plundering the Egyptians [Exodus 11:2] or preparing to sacrifice one’s son [Genesis 22:2], thus rendering them morally good Reviving Evangelical Ethics: The Promises and Pitfalls of Classic Models of Morality

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