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Dub's birth is all their fault. "C" is for Ms. The Gores and the Clintons are flying on Air Force One. So that’s one cool thing… I’m so sick of “athletes” feeling like it’s their place to speak out on political issues. A: “Trust me.” Clinton Joke 2 Q: What’s the difference […] A bus load of politicians were driving down a country road, when suddenly the bus ran off the road and crashed into an old farmer's […] How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

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Ameriphobes dislike our police and military, and are especially uncomfortable in the presence of the American flag. Ameriphobes consider themselves morally superior to those who are not Ameriphobic. Ameriphobes blame America for most international conflicts ref.: The Siege of Walter Parks We throw dice, each of us gets a car, we drive on a mountain road. Afterwards one of us is in a hospital, and the other nine visit him there." "That's nothing," the Frenchman said. "We choose ten girls and one of them has AIDS , source: It's All Bollocks: the world according to Angry Dave And to me, this is just what I'm looking for when I'm doing all this reading. I do a lot of research and this thing has almost everything in it. It's like a mini-history of colonialism right there, of the imperialist venture God, UFOs and the Death of JFK: An Alien Perspective on Belief and Reason: Why Reptilians are a lot smarter than us! read here. Apr. 26, 1994), the Commission mentioned that "[i]t is unlikely that a one time offering of a public prayer would violate Title VII unless its content denigrated other religious beliefs or attendance was mandatory." at *6 n.3 online. FORD: The big, big thing I'm always looking for in my work is a sort of attraction-repulsion thing, where the stuff is beautiful to begin with until you notice that some sort of horrible violence is about to happen or is in the middle of happening , cited: AMERICA'S BACKSIDE I voted here in Chicago on September 29th, the first day of early voting in Cook County. I was one of the first people to vote once the polling place at the Board of Elections opened. The place was well-staffed, like they were expecting a stampede of people once the doors opened , e.g. What If I Became The President?: Very funny - very funny- (Smart too) Last spring, President Obama took his wife Michelle to see a play in New York City and republicans attacked him over the cost of security for the excursion. The president can’t take his wife out to dinner and a show without being scrutinized by the political opposition Dave Barry Does Japan download here

Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals near the Canadian border, pack them into Volvo station wagons, drive them across the border and leave them to fend for themselves. "A lot of these people are not prepared for rugged conditions," an Ontario border patrolman said. "I found one carload without a drop of drinking water , cited: Going Rouge: A Candid Look read for free read for free. Others kill their chances of ever becoming president. Perhaps the greatest flop in recent memory was a speech given by then-House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt in 1995 at the annual dinner hosted by the Gridiron Club in Washington. Gephardt came out wearing a Boy Scout uniform—he was an Eagle Scout—and pledged to "clean up the image of Congress." The response: silence. "Nobody got it," remembers Eli Attie, who was then a speechwriter for Gephardt. "Then he was just standing there in a Boy Scout uniform for the rest of the speech … and you're looking at his pale, overexposed kneecaps The Best Ever Book of Spaniard Jokes: Lots and Lots of Jokes Specially Repurposed for You-Know-Who

What Silvio Berlusconi really did for Italy

Doublespeak: From Revenue Enhan

Here There And Everywhere

The boss then says, "You've been working so much that you've gone crazy , e.g. A Brief History of English Politics: With apologies to any other authors who have written a brief history of anything. read online. In 2005, the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy caused global protests by offended Muslims and violent attacks with many fatalities in the Near East When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden (Limited) They are shot, and he asks again, "Who sneezed, Comrades?" At last a sobbing cry resounds in the Congress Hall, "It was me! Stalin says, "Bless you, Comrade!" [7] A secretary is standing outside the Kremlin as Marshal Zhukov leaves a meeting with Stalin, and she hears him muttering under his breath, "Murderous moustache!" The Best Ever Book of Cocos download online I’d appreciate your support, and I think my wife would as well. My wife is the kind of strong, competent woman who laughs a bit to herself when I’m referred to as the “head of the household.” Much of the time, she is the one who gets things done, and I’m so thankful for that. When you give, you help legitimize the time I spend writing these posts… And that means a lot online. You know, deep, sensitive, progressive, fashion-forward, freshly groomed and all the other terrible ways gays and lesbians are sinking their perfectly manicured claws into America’s youth. Which is why decent, God-fearing adults like Sullivan High School Special Ed teacher Diana Medley are speaking out against the sick, twisted gay menace creeping its way into Sullivan, Indiana’s once-pure, once-homo free town Stupid Liberals: Weird and Wacky Tales from the Left Wing (Stupid History) Stupid Liberals: Weird and Wacky Tales. He began submitting cartoons to a small, independent newspaper in 2008. “So what are you? A cartoonist or an engineer?” he remembers being asked by the veteran opposition illustrator Amro Selim. Before long, Anwar dropped out of school to pursue caricature full time. Anwar participates in a cartoon anti-government draw-off in a downtown Cairo square, January 2013 epub. Lots of swears.) Carlin was arrested for disturbing the peace when he performed this skit live in 1972. However, the real fun began when a radio station broadcasted the skit and someone complained to the FCC. This eventually resulted in the Supreme Court case Federal Communications Commission v. The court ruled that the routine was "indecent but not obscene." [2] Carlin's list of filthy words, expressed in the context of a humorous monologue, ended up changing how the law defines obscenity Another Stereotype Bites the download for free

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Land of Lincoln: Adventures in Abe's America

Embedded in America: The Onion Complete News Archives Volume 16 (Onion Ad Nauseam)

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If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates


101 Uses For Obama's Big Ears

S’ensuivent des projets de villas (dont la villa Savoye), d’ateliers, de lotissements mais aussi de mobilier, qui assoient sa popularité Fake International Briefs: read epub Well then, WATCH OUT because the National Rifle Association is locked, loaded, and aiming ready to TAKE YOU OUT (of the political process, of course). As much as they’d looove to shoot you (with video games, I presume), they simply cannot commit murder, since they only have guns, and everyone knows guns don’t kill people My trip to the fiber arts festival read pdf. Women weren’t allowed to compete in the Olympic Marathon until 1984… Too fragile. And the ban on women serving in combat in the U. S. military was not lifted until 2013… You really don’t think that Hillary Clinton’s vagina is a significant part of the reason you are so triggered by her candidacy , e.g. Right Royal Remarks: From download for free download for free? At the same time, not to alienate his communist allies inside and especially outside Russia (a solid support base for sabotage and influence operations overseas), Putin performs an intellectual contortion, admitting that he still likes communism and socialism - just.. The Best Ever Book of Bosnian Jokes: Lots and Lots of Jokes Specially Repurposed for You-Know-Who The Best Ever Book of Bosnian Jokes:. It was unclear whether Paul had been served alcohol on the flight, but Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department rep Lt. Blake Hollar said that possibility was being investigated. Paul identified himself as the son of a US senator, but was arrested anyway ref.: The Politically Incorrect Book of Humor: Why it's better to be right than politically correct And then there are those who operate on a grand scale (we would be foolish to deny this fact) to effectively steal an election The Newts: A Political Satire download online Secretly longs for a return to pulling carts or chariots, but will always put up posters if fed carrots. Polar Bear: Happy in frozen isolation, this bear has developed survival strategies that are the envy of many. Spends long hours in thoughtful hibernation developing economic theories which it then coaxes into mainstream use, will not be held responsible for their failure elsewhere Blanche Knott's Truly Tasteless Jokes V The dog was still able to walk with only two legs. For the third experiment, they cut off yet another leg from the dog and once more they told the dog to walk. However, the dog wasn't able to walk with only one leg. As a result of these three experiments, the scientists wrote in their final report that the dog had lost it's hearing after having three legs cut off , cited: How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (and Found Inner Peace) She told me stories about teaching women how to repair broken toilets their husbands couldn’t fix, and then–when their husbands got home and asked how she got it working again–telling the wife to say nothing more than, “I fixed it. What… Doesn’t everybody take selfies with the folks at their local hardware store??? I should mention that the store I love the most is the Tusculum Ace Hardware in Nashville, but I know that there are other great stores around as well , e.g. How to Be a Canadian How to show support for your candidate in the 2004 presidential election. predict defeat for incumbents in presidential elections. A collection of humorous photographs from Election 2004. Jesse Jackson 's protest about color of washing machines. Several prominent politicians and political commentators were born nine months after the 1947 Roswell incident It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments

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