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By Frederic Phillip Mennell

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Basal sections are isotropic, but show a dark cross in convergent polarised light. Nepheline occurs in certain intermediate and basic It is rocks, principally belonging to the eruptive series. comparatively rare in the plutonic types, but is present in a few rocks allied to the diorites and dolerites in composition, but frequently termed nepheline or elaeolite syenites. FIG. 20. SECTIONS OF LEUCITE, X K in Basalt of Vesuvius. 50 diam. H= = 2 O. 5. Regular. not noticeably attacked by HC1, except when powdered does not gelatinize.

51). Leucite is of comparatively rare occurrence, being only found in a few basic lavas and dykes of late geological age. Hauyne and Nosean' are similar, being both silicates of soda and alumina, with some lime and sulphuric acid. FIG. 21. NOSEAN, Rieden, X Eifel, Germany. 50 diam. The varieties with most soda are called nosean, and those with most lime hauyne. Regular. 4. 5| Gelatinize with HC1, and become blue, if not already so, on heating in sulphur vapour. , Lapis In the case of hauyne, even colourless Lazuli), in slices.

The variety emery forms granular masses in highly metamorphosed and presumably contact altered rocks. Other varieties are found in granulite, gneiss, syenite, and serpentine, as well as in crystalline limestones. Hematite: Fe 2 O 3 Hexagonal; H=6 G=5- Soluble picrite, ; in hydrochloric acid. ; A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY By Opaque and a purplish-black colour or red. reflected light lustre 33 shows a dull metallic earthy varieties are ; dull red. As an original constituent of igneous and metamorphic rocks occurs in rhombohedral or tabular crystals with plane of parting parallel to the rhombohedral faces, also It is frequently in thin scales or irregular granules.

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