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By Ian S. Markham(auth.)

This ground-breaking ebook demanding situations readers to reconsider the divide among liberal and orthodox ways which characterises Christianity today.

  • Provides an alternative choice to the liberal / orthodox divide in modern Christianity.
  • Defends Christianity’s engagement with non-Christian traditions.
  • Includes vital dialogue of theological process.
  • Illustrated with case experiences concerning human rights, interfaith tolerance, economics, and ethics.

Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–6):
Chapter 1 Engagement: What it truly is and Why it issues (pages 7–29):
Chapter 2 Augustine's Theological technique (pages 30–47):
Chapter three Assimilation, Resistance, and Overhearing (pages 48–61):
Chapter four Assimilation: Engagement with Human Rights (pages 62–70):
Chapter five Resistance: The Heresy of country Sovereignty and the non secular vital for Intervention to shield Human Rights (pages 71–85):
Chapter 6 Assimilation: the significance of the Black and Feminist views (pages 86–108):
Chapter 7 Overhearing: conflict of Discourses ? Secular within the West opposed to the Secular in India (pages 109–122):
Chapter eight Overhearing: puzzling over Hinduism, Inclusivity, and Toleration (pages 123–137):
Chapter nine Assimilation: Christianity and the Consensus round Capitalism (pages 138–146):
Chapter 10 Assimilation and Overhearing: Rethinking Globalization ? Bediuzzaman stated Nursi's Risale?I Nur, Hardt, and Negri (pages 147–158):
Chapter eleven Keith Ward: An Engaged Theologian (pages 159–167):
Chapter 12 attractive with the Pope: Engagement but now not Engagement (pages 168–190):
Chapter thirteen the form of an Engaged Theology (pages 191–207):

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A major hero of the new liberalism is Augustine, one of the greatest shapers of our tradition who used a methodology which was, on our present understanding, distinctively liberal. It is to this that we turn in the next chapter. 2 AUGUSTINE’S THEOLOGICAL METHODOLOGY It was shown in the first chapter that underpinning much liberal and conservative theology is a fundamental misconception about the nature of the tradition. Both assume that the tradition tends to have a monolithic character that one must either affirm (if you are conservative) or reject (if you are a liberal).

We also find this refrain in an earlier work Contra Academicos. ”10 However, to introduce some of the complexity that pervades this question, this is also the text in which we find a marvelous exhortation to simply trust, which is worth quoting in full: To illustrate, let us picture two men traveling to one place. One of them has resolved not to believe anyone; the other believes everyone. They come Augustine’s Theological Methodology 35 to a place where the road forks. The credulous traveler addresses a shepherd of some rustic standing on the spot: “Hello, my good man.

Despite McGrath’s insistence that he is disinclined to get into any particular theory or justification of Scripture, this is what he now needs. He admits as much when elsewhere he chides the post-liberals for their lack of clarity on this point: 28 Engagement: What it is and Why it Matters The specific criticism which evangelicalism directs against postliberalism at this point is the following: the prioritization of Scripture is not adequately grounded at the theological level. In effect, the priority of Scripture is defended on grounds which appear to be cultural, historical or contractual.

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