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Angle-dependent photoemissionpatterns, with the ejection probability in any direction proportional to the distance from the origin. Solidly colored regions represent dipole- In the first step beyond the dipole approximation, higher-order photon interactions lead to nondipole effects in these patterns, described by two new parameters, 5 and y. A second angle, $, relative to the propagation direction, k, of the ionizing radiation approximation patterns for different values of ~. The solid red and green curves represent nondipole angular-distribution patterns for 2p (b) and 2s (c) photoemission inferred from Figure 5.

This allowed the percentage of weekday, daytime shifts dedicated to user operations to increase from 60% to Reliability and Schedule 75Y0. A comparison of the new schedule to our pre- ,. vious schedule is shown in Figure 2 and Table 1. This schedule is considered experimental, The research community at the ALS has become accustomed to reliable operation, and it was not dis- however, because it has a number of disadvantages appointed during this period. As shown in Figure 1, compared to the previous schedule.

In press. cules adsorbed on a metal surface, however, the I general assumption has been that the XIX main lines Funding of the adsorbates are broadened by the coupling to the metal. S. Department of Energy, Ofllce of Basic Energy Sciences; The Miller Institute; the Deutsche the electronic and vibrational contributions was Forschungsgemeinschaft; and the Basque government. thought to be possible. Our work with CO adsorbed on Ni( 100), however, shows that very small corelevel vibrational splittings in adsorbates can be clearly resolved and that electronic and vibrational contributions can be separated (Figure 3).

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