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Download Amazing Maya inventions you can build yourself by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt PDF

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By Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

The notable accomplishments of the traditional Maya in addition to the Maya at present dwelling in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula are highlighted during this selection of 25 artistic, academic, hands-on tasks. overlaying every thing from the 20-base numbering approach to the Maya's extensive exchange relationships, kids find out about appeasing the gods with a "jade" ceremonial masks, language development with a screen-fold ebook for drawings and hieroglyphs, and Maya astronomy with a sand paintings photo of the cosmos. Informative textual content and sidebars teach about the Maya's notable achievements in technological know-how, math, language, tune, drugs, and structure; and their day-by-day actions and administration of usual resources.

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Itzamná: god of the heavens, who introduced the Maya to writing and medicine. Chaac: god of agriculture, rain, and lightning. Kinich-Ahau: god of sun. Chaac Yum-Kaax: god of corn. Ixchel: goddess of fertility and childbirth. Yat Balam: god of war. Ek-Chuah: god of merchants and selling. Ah-Puch: god of death who ruled over Mitnal, the land of death, the lowest and most horrible of the nine hells. Ah-Puch first. According to Maya legends, the first humans were created when the Merchant traders provided kings living far from gods mixed their blood with maize.

Use the marker to draw a dot on one side of each kernel. When you throw the kernels, you get a point for every dot that faces up when the kernels land. If four blank sides face up, you get five points! You cannot place two of your own pieces on the same space, but you can land on a space occupied by your opponent! When this happens, cover your opponent’s piece with your piece. On the next throw, move the pieces together toward the end of the board. 3 You also need to make your 5 game pieces. The ancient Maya may have used pieces of cotton, sticks, or stones.

Because priests and kings had the most access to the gods, they were expected to offer up their own blood. DID You DiD YoU Know? 49 Amazing Maya Inventions Based on paintings and carvings found The ancient Maya believed that their god by archaeologists, it Itzamná, which translates to “Iguana appears these nobles were House,” gave humans writing, farming, and medicine. experts at self-mutilation. Maya kings often used shark teeth and stingray spines to make wounds in their bodies. Stingray spines are angled in one direction—and cause considerable pain if pulled out backward—so they were perfect for the kings to use to pierce their bodies.

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