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Download An illustrated pocketbook of multiple sclerosis by Charles M. Poser PDF

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By Charles M. Poser

This illustrated pocketbook offers an simply available precis of key matters on the subject of diagnosing a number of sclerosis and coping with sufferers at varied levels of the disease.

summary: This illustrated pocketbook provides an simply available precis of key concerns with regards to diagnosing a number of sclerosis and handling sufferers at assorted phases of the illness

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Often, non-specific symptoms such as headache, seizure, dizziness or back pain are mentioned as the first clinical manifestations of the illness. These onset symptoms of MS may be divided into those which are ‘definite’ and those which are ‘possible’. These symptoms must last for at least 24 hours. The definite symptoms include unilateral optic/retrobulbar monocular color blindness, oscillopsia, transient scanning speech, transverse myelitis, Lhermitte’s symptom, gait ataxia, unilateral dysmetria/intention tremor/incoordination, sensory useless hand syndrome, and transient weakness/paresthesias of the entire limb.

Approximately 5–15% of clinically definite MS patients have completely normal MRIs on repeated examination. Conversely, there are patients with insignificant complaints who have MRI abnormalities that are similar to those frequently seen in symptomatic MS patients (Figures 37–39). The correlation between the number, site and size of MRI white matter AISIs and the clinical signs and symptoms of MS is very poor and unreliable. The often-used term ‘burden of disease’, based on the number and size of ‘lesions’, is misleading, as very large AISIs may be seen which have persisted for years in clinically normal subjects.

Delay in P100 is far from specific for MS lesions of the optic system; in addition to poor fixation and changes in 48 AN ILLUSTRATED POCKETBOOK OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Figure 29 Audiogram (upper) showing acute partial hearing loss in left ear, specifically, hearing loss at high frequencies; (lower) the brain stem auditory evoked response shows delay of waves 11 and V in the left ear. Courtesy of Dr Carl Lieberman, Framingham, MA visual acuity, many other conditions may give false-positive results.

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