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By Mark D Ardema

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A spherical pendulum, consisting of a massless rod and a bob of mass m, is initially held at rest in the horizontal plane. A hori- Review of Newtonian Dynamics 45 zontal velocity VQ is imparted to the bob normal to the rod. In the resulting motion, what is the angle between the rod and the horizontal plane when the bob is at its lowest position? 1/67. A particle of mass m is placed inside a frictionless tube of negligible mass. The tube is bent into a circular ring with the lowest point left open as shown.

The disk rolls on the a;y-plane without slipping, with point D remaining at the origin. Determine the kinetic energy of the disk if shaft CD rotates about the z-axis with constant angular speed n. Review of Newtonian Dynamics 4 in. 8 in. — • • Problem 1/59 1/61. Problem 1/60 A homogeneous solid right circular cone rolls on a plane without slipping. The line of contact turns at constant angular speed Q. about the 2;-axis. Find the kinetic energy of the cone. Problem 1/61 Problem 1/62 1/62. A particle of mass m slides along one radius of a circular platform of mass M.

It was observed that the radius of curvature of the stream of water as it left the nozzle was 35 ft. 87°. 1/13. 25 ft. The speed of the point is decreasing at the rate of 2 ft/s^. Express the velocity and acceleration of the point in tangential-normal components. 1/14. Link OP rotates about O, and pin P slides in the slot attached to collar C. Determine the velocity and acceleration of collar C as a function of 0 for the following cases: (i) ^ = a; and (9 = 0, (ii) 0 = 0 and 0 = a. Analytical 32 Dynamics Problem 1/15 Problem 1/14 1/15.

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