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01M EDTA, with Methylxylenol Blue as indicator. Methylxylenol Blue can also be used for the determination of rare earths [93]· Consecutive titrations, for example, of scandium and lanthanum, are also possible . 4θ Detection of the Titration End-point [Ch. 2 Vytras et al, [94] have also made a computer study of colour-change quality in complexometrie titrations. Japanese chemists have paid great attention to Methylxylenol Blue as spectrophotometrie reagent, and references to many of their publications will be found in the paper by Vytras and Vytrasova [9θ].

The stability of aqueous solutions of the indicator has been studied thoroughly by Hoyle and Diehl [134] by following the development of residual fluorescence. According to those authors, solutions at pH 7 are stable for not more than 7 days. Alkaline solutions can be used reliably for up to 60 days. In this interesting work, the authors describe the preparation of co-called Statocalcein, of composition K ^ C a ^ C a l c e i ^ (κ2^5^60^400 2 6^4·)· A solution of this compound does not deteriorate even after 210 days and does not show residual fluorescence.

Zineon Zincon, 1-f 2 - h y d r o x y - 5 - s u l p h o p h e n y l ) -2-phenyl<-5~( 2 - c a r b o x y p h e n y l ) formazan (XXX), has been p r o p o s e d as a c o l o r i m e t r i e r e a g e n t f o r z i n c and copper [ 1 0 8 , 1 0 9 ] w i t h which i t forms i n t e n s e l y blue che l a t e s . SO3H XXX: Zincon It is suitable as compiexometrie indicator for the determination of zinc in buffered ammoniacal solution (pH 9- 1 0 ) . The colour change from blue to yellow is very sharp. It has also been applied for indirect determination of iron, copper, indium, manganese, cadmium, calcium, lead, nickel, cobalt etc.

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