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Download Applied Soil Physical Properties, Drainage, and Irrigation by Lambert B. McCarty, Lewis Ray Hubbard Jr., Virgil PDF

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By Lambert B. McCarty, Lewis Ray Hubbard Jr., Virgil Quisenberry

The e-book is a pragmatic mixture of uncomplicated wisdom and realizing in soil actual homes. it is going to allow the reader to scientifically study soils to increase functional and profitable technique of offering enough drainage and to enhance science-based irrigation innovations. in basic terms uncomplicated mathematical wisdom is important to appreciate and practice the confirmed ideas coated. With restricted assets which are expanding considerably in expenditures, the ebook blends the correct thought of delivering adequate drainage and irrigation according to utilizing soil actual homes yet with monetary obstacles in brain. One conventional challenge with many Soil Physics, Drainage, and Irrigations-based texts is the prerequisite of realizing advanced calculus-based arithmetic. even though useful for a theory-based textual content, our textual content used to be constructed with practitioners in brain the place such complex arithmetic used to be kept away from yet referenced if the reader needs to extra discover the explicit subject. one other challenge with many conventional texts is the inability of useful examples or case-studies permitting readers to narrate their particular eventualities to related varieties of occasions. we now have purposely incorporated a number of examples and functional box reviews. this can be very true whilst some of the theoretical beliefs are coated, via factors of ways such beliefs will be utilized within the laboratory and field.

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If the soil surface is set as the reference elevation, the gravitational potential below the surface is negative with respect to that reference elevation. 3 Soil-Water Relationships 33 potential is independent of the chemical and pressure conditions of water. It depends solely on relative elevation. , at a free-water surface). Soil water at a hydrostatic pressure greater than atmospheric has a positive pressure potential. For example, water below a free-water surface (such as a groundwater table) has a positive pressure potential.

Simply stated: soil water moves from a higher total potential to a lower total potential. 36 1 Soil Physical and Moisture Properties Fig. 14 Water remaining for an extended period in a golf cup often indicates undesirable finetextured soils were used in the initial construction. This often leads to reduced internal drainage, low soil oxygen levels, further soil compaction, and weakened plants Gravity (or Hydraulic Gradient). Gravity is the constant downward-pulling force on water. Water at the soil surface has 50 cm more gravitational potential than water 50 cm below the soil surface.

Its total mass is 1,525 g, of which 200 g is water. 65 g cmÀ3. Find: Gravimetric water content (θm), volumetric water content (θv), soil bulk density (ρb), total soil porosity (f), air-filled porosity (fa), degree of saturation (s), equivalent depth of water (De), and gravimetric water content if saturated (θms). 1 Soil Physical Properties 27 Fig. 10 Example chapter problem relating the volume and mass of a soil sample total mass, Mt ¼ 1525gðgivenÞ total volume, Vt ¼ ð10cm  10cm  10cmÞ mass solids, Ms ¼ Mt À ð Mw þ Ma Þ ¼ 1000cm3 ¼ 1525 À ð200 þ 0Þ mass water, Mw ¼ 200gðgivenÞ ¼ 1325g volume water, Vw ¼ M w Ä ρw 200 g ¼ 1 g cmÀ3 volume solids, Vs ¼ 200cm3 volume air, Va ¼ Vt À ðVw þ Vs Þ ¼ Ms Ä ρ s 1325 g ¼ 2:65 g cmÀ3 ¼ 500cm3 volume voids, Vv ¼ Vw þ Va ¼ 1000 À ð200 þ 500Þ ¼ ð200 þ 300Þ ¼ 300cm3 ¼ 500cm3 gravimetric water content, θm ¼ Mw Ä Ms 200 g ¼ 1325 g ¼ 0:151 volumetric water content, θv ¼ Vw Ä Vt 200 cm3 ¼ 1000 cm3 ¼ 0:20 ðor 20%Þ soil bulk density, ρb ¼ M s Ä Vt total soil porosity, f t ¼ Vv Ä Vt 500 cm3 1000 cm3 ¼ 0:50 ðor 50%Þ 1325 g ¼ 1000 cm3 ¼ 1:325g cmÀ3 air-filled porosity, f a ¼ Va Ä Vt ¼ degree of saturation, s 300 cm3 ¼ 1000 cm3 ¼ 0:30ðor 30%Þ ¼ Vw Ä Vv 200 cm3 water 500 cm3 soil ¼ 0:40 ðor 40%Þ ¼ saturated gravimetric ¼ MwðsatÞ Ä Ms saturated volumetric water ¼ VwðsatÞ Ä Vt water content, θms ¼ 500 g 1325 g ¼ 0:377 ðor 38%Þ content, θv ðsatÞ ¼ 500 cm3 1000 cm3 ¼ 0:50 ðor 50%Þ 28 1 Soil Physical and Moisture Properties What depth of water would need to be added to saturate this soil?

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