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By George P. Murdock

The 1st ten volumes of the magazine Ethnology incorporated installments of
a function known as the "Ethnographic Atlas" within which details was
presented in coded shape on a variety of of the world's cultures. In 1967,
after 862 cultures have been hence coded, they have been assembled and published
in e-book shape (Murdock 1967) via the collage of Pittsburgh
Press. The installments in Ethnology endured till 1971, while the
total variety of cultures coded had reached 1,264. the aim of the
present quantity is to offer a particular pattern of this coded fabric in
a shape designed to be maximally valuable to students within the behavioral sciences. [from the creation]

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25 26 ATLAS OF WORLD CULTURES C02: Ethiopian Semites This province encompasses the inhabitants of Ethiopia who speak languages of the Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic or Hamito-Semitic linguistic family. Amhara (Ca7, cluster 93). P: Gondar district (l2°N , 37°E) in 1953. I: H•, s•. Grottanelli, V. Ricerche geografiche ed economiche suite popolazioni. Mission di Studio al Lago Tanna 2: 1- 198. Roma. 1939. Messing, S. D. '\mhara of Ethiopia. D. dissertation, University of Pennsylvania, 1957.

1939. Dard (Ee5, cluster 146). P: Shina tribe (35°N. 73°E) in 1870. I: H. Leitner, G . W. The Languages and Races of Dardistan. Lahore. 1873. Biddulph, J. Tribes of the Hindoo Kush. Calcutta, 1880. Kashmiri (Ef8, cluster 173). P: Sarasvati Brahmans (34°N, 75°E) in 1950. I: H. Lawrence, W. R . The Valley of Kashmir. London. 1895 . Madan. T . N. Family and Kinship: A Study of the Pandits of Rural Kashmir. Bombay, 1%5. Kohistani (Ea4, cluster 143). P: unspecified (35°N, 73°E) in 1950. Barth, F. Indus and Swat Kohistan.

Mnong Gar (Ej2, cluster 201). P: village of Sar Luk (12°N, 105°E) in 1948. Condominas, G. Nous avons mange la foret. Paris, 1957. - - -. Les Mnong Gar du centre Viet-nam. Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology 29: 15-23. 1960. E24: Semang and Sakai This province includes the peoples who speak languages of the Semang-Sakai subfamily of the Mon-Khmer linguistic family. Semang (Ej3, cluster 204). P: Jehai group (5°N, 102°E) in 1920. I: H. S* . Evans, I. H. N. The Negritos of Malaya. Cambridge, 1937.

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