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By V. L. Bychkov (auth.), Viacheslav Shevelko, Hiro Tawara (eds.)

The publication is a accomplished variation which considers the interactions of atoms, ions and molecules with charged debris, photons and laser fields and displays the current knowing of atomic methods comparable to electron catch, objective and projectile ionisation, photoabsorption and others happening in so much of laboratory and astrophysical plasma assets together with many-photon and many-electron procedures. the fabric involves chosen papers written via top scientists in a variety of fields.

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As is exemplified by Fig. 2, iron ions play a particularly prominent role in X-ray astronomy [6]. Iron is the most abundant heavy element [7] and still contributes to line emission or absorption in astrophysical plasmas when lighter elements are already fully stripped. , [9]) which aim at reproducing the measured spectrum by optimizing model input parameters, such as chemical composition, density, and temperature of the absorbing medium. Next to the astrophysical assumptions about the studied object, these model calculations require atomic data as additional input.

V. , Combustion of Powder – Type Metals in Active Media (Nauka Publishers, Moscow, 1972) (English translation FTD-MT-24–551–73(1972)) 35. P. Raizer, Gas Discharge Physics (Springer, Berlin, 1991) 36. F. L. I. A. ), Ball Lightning in a Laboratory (Khimiya, Moscow, 1994) (In Russian) 37. H. -H. Ohtsuki, Il Nuovo Cimento 13C(4), 761 (1990) 38. L. F. Corum, ICBL Article Series N. 1992/1. For Submission to 2nd International Symposium on Ball Lightning, Budapest, Hungary, 26–29 June 1990 39. N. Tesla, Colorado Springs Notes 1899–1900 (Nolit, Beograd, 1978) 40.

The resulting new low-temperature dielectronic recombination rate coefficients are indeed much larger than the previously recommended ones and yield astrophysical model results in much better agreement with the astronomical observation. It turns out that the photoionized gas in the vicinity of SMBHs is less ionized than previously thought. Providing accurate atomic data for astrophysical and plasma physical application, for example, for fusion research, is an ongoing effort. Regarding the enormous costs for modern astronomical equipment such as space-borne X-ray telescopes any investment in laboratory astrophysics, which operates on comparatively low budget, should be considered as well spent.

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