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By Debbie Bliss

Книга по вязанию.В ней представлены модели для детей от рождения до 2 лет.

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The Icelandic wool is hardwearing, warm, and beautiful. Plus, Icelandic sheep are a triple purpose breed, producing good meat and milk for sheep’s cheeses. In Iceland, traditional sweaters are still being designed and worn; and the sheep (which greatly outnumber the people) bring food, work, and outside economic support to this small island country. Another old standby is Briggs and Little yarn, produced by Briggs and Little Woolen Mill, the oldest woolen mill in Canada. The mill’s produced yarn for sale since 1857.

Buttonhole #2 Row 4: *With Color A, k2, BO 2, knit until end of row. Row 1 (WS): P33, CO 2, p2. * Buttonhole #3 Rep between ** above one more time to form Buttonhole #3. Buttonhole #4 Row 4: With Color A, k2, BO 2, knit until end of row. Row 1 (WS): P33, CO 2, p2. Work 9 more rows Pin Check patt, ending after Row 2. Decrease Row: Row 3 (WS): Maintaining Pin Check patt, dec 1 st at each end of row (35 sts). Buttonhole #5 Row 4: With Color A, k2, BO 2, knit until end of row. Row 1 (WS): P31, CO 2, p2.

If preferred, one can knit the I-cord separately and sew the parts together afterward. With 2 #6 (4mm) dpns and Color B yarn, CO 2 sts. Line up seed st strip with the left side of one Bermuda bag cover with RS up and buttonholes closest to you. 5cm) from last button hole (see the figure on the next page). 5cm) from last button hole on the other side. With dpn, pick up 1 st from the seed st strip edge and 1 from the edge of the bag cover. K2 tog, k2 sts on dpn. Do not turn work. Bring yarn around the back of the work and start next row.

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