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Download Bad medicine: Misconceptions and misuses revealed, from by Wanjek C. PDF

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By Wanjek C.

"Christopher Wanjek makes use of a take-no-prisoners technique in debunking the outrageous nonsense being heaped on a gullible public within the identify of technology and medication. Wanjek writes with readability, humor, and humanity, and concurrently informs and entertains."-Dr. Michael Shermer, writer, Skeptic journal; per thirty days columnist, medical American; writer of Why humans think bizarre ThingsPrehistoric people believed cedar ashes and incantations may treatment a head harm. historic Egyptians believed the center was once the guts of notion, the liver produced blood, and the mind cooled the physique. the traditional Greek health professional Hippocrates was once an immense fan of bloodletting. at the present time, we're nonetheless stricken by numerous scientific myths and misconceptions. undesirable medication units the checklist instantly through debunking broadly held but fallacious notions of ways the physique works, from chilly therapies to vaccination fears.Clear, obtainable, and hugely unique, undesirable drugs dispels such scientific convictions as:* you just use 10% of your mind: CAT, puppy, and MRI scans all turn out that there are not any inactive areas of the mind . . . no longer even in the course of sleep.* Sitting too on the subject of the television reasons nearsightedness: Your mom used to be mistaken. probably, an already nearsighted baby sits as regards to see better.* consuming junk foodstuff will make your face escape: pimples is brought on by lifeless dermis cells, hormones, and micro organism, now not from a pizza with every thing on it.* if you happen to do not costume warmly, you are going to trap a chilly: chilly viruses are the real and purely reason behind colds.Protect your self and those you're keen on from undesirable medicine-the mind you store can be your personal.

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This was an expansion of ideas raised in the anonymous sensation Onania; or the Heinous Sin of Self-Pollution, from 1717. Specifically, Tissot claimed that surging blood-flows from any type of sexual activity caused pressures on the body, but masturbation was particularly bad, causing fiercer surges that ultimately weakened the fragile blood vessels in the eyes. Western nations took Tissot seriously. The newly formed United States of America couldn’t afford to have a nation of blind citizenry. Benjamin Rush, a physician and a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was particularly influenced by Tissot and railed against masturbation in the fledgling states.

The death cup, as the ominous name implies, does a nasty number on the liver and soon moves on to the central nervous system. Milk thistle’s active ingredient, silymarin, is nearly 100 percent effective in treating people who eat this common poisonous mushroom. In America, where silymarin has not been approved in medicinal form, the survival rate for death-cup poisoning is below 30 percent. Studies in Germany indicate that silymarin works by quickly protecting and restoring liver cell integrity.

The first assumption is that the computer screen caused the vision problem, when in reality from the very beginning these people had the type of eyes that couldn’t read tiny, flickering print twenty-four inches away. Few people do. Computers are hard to read. This is why electronic books have limited appeal. Any difficulty you encounter reading a newspaper at night after working on a computer all day is the result of muscle strain, not eye damage. Eight hours on a computer is hard work for your BLINDED BY LIES 31 eyes.

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