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By Lawrence K Wang; Nazih K Shammas; Yung-Tse Hung

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Visual inspection. 1a. Sludge dilutes as it breaks through sludge blanket if pump is operating at too high a rate. Check or Monitor 2a. Improper location of pump. 2b. Ball valve too light or ball hung up on trash accumulations. 1a. Long suction line with high head loss on suction side of pump. Probable Cause 2. Unwanted (dilute) flow of sludge through pump. 1. Overpumping. 3 Troubleshooting of pumps’ operational problems 4a. Check seating and seals on valves, valve covers, valve stems, and piston on plunger pump (repair or replace damaged and worn parts).

Primary effluent may be used in raw sludge pipelines; disinfected final effluent may be preferred for digested biosolids pipelines. The water connection should have a flow rate indicator. 9 m/s). 4. Provide for inserting and removing a cleaning tool (“pig,” “go-devil”) that can be sent through the line if needed (8, 22, 23). Such cleaning may be frequently required if unstabilized sludge is pumped, even if scum is handled separately. If tool cleaning is to be used, some additional recommendations apply: a.

However, for small or isolated operations, this may be the most appropriate method. 2. 13). They may be equipped with load-cell weight-bridge sections for totalization of conveyed solids weight. Totalization is useful when an accurate solids balance must be calculated for a dewatering facility or treatment plant. Sludge/biosolids concentrated enough to maintain a semisolid shape (15%) can be conveyed at about 18◦ maximum inclination on troughed belt conveyors. Sludge/biosolids with higher solids content can be moved up steeper slopes.

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