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By Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen

This article addresses those 3 concerns: what's discrimination? What makes it wrong?; What will be performed approximately wrongful discrimination? It argues that there are varied innovations of discrimination; that discrimination isn't really regularly morally flawed and that after it truly is, it's so essentially as a result of its damaging effects.


This booklet addresses those 3 matters: what's discrimination?; What makes it wrong?; What might be performed approximately wrongful discrimination? It argues: that there are diversified suggestions of Read more...

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Often the dimensions in which discrimination takes place vary across groups. ” p. 158. What Is Discrimination? 21 affair. My definition allows that discrimination could be more complicated than that. For instance, it could be the case that, all things considered, two groups are being treated equally well and yet in all spheres of life either of the two groups suffers from discrimination. To some extent this is the case in relation to sex discrimination. Men who openly display emotions experience censure in a way that women do not.

586, 590. A slightly more unusual group in this context is non-human animals (see section 2, this chapter). 50 To elaborate the notion of social salience further, one would have to say something about the individuation of social contexts and about the sorts of structuring of these that are relevant for present purposes. While it is somewhat unclear when a group is socially salient, this is not a flaw with the formula. The contours of our concept of discrimination are somewhat fuzzy. 32 Born Free and Equal?

Encyclopedia of Ethics (San Diego, CA: Academic Press), 805–814, p. 805. ” 308–324. 26 Born Free and Equal? 34 5. 35 While we often have generic discrimination that satisfies (iv′′) in mind when we talk about discrimination—I will say more about the attraction of focusing on generic discrimination that satisfies that (iv′′) as well as other conditions shortly—(iv′′) needs to be supplemented. Consider the case of love. 36 Now, this is not as absurd as it may sound and it could happen— indeed, it does happen, I suppose.

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