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By Sarah J. Ormrod

Written basically for a nonspecialist viewers, those essays describe contributions made by way of a few of the college of Cambridge's such a lot colourful and capable characters in a couple of educational disciplines. The essays demonstrate rather fertile classes of improvement and chart voyages of discovery that experience happened all over the place Cambridge, less than team or person management. ways fluctuate, from the presentation of traditionally major discoveries to the reason of present research--"contributions" within the making.

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If a tourniquet is tied on someone's arm, the veins stand up. The tourniquet doesn't interfere with the blood going out along the arm in the arteries, but it does interfere with venous return along superficial veins, which become congested. People had seen this effect, and had used it for thousands of years to facilitate the letting of blood, a therapeutic procedure designed to remove evil humors from the body. What no one had ever noticed was that if you stop blood from travelling along the superficial veins, they should become congested above the point where you tie the tourniquet, if you believe (as everyone did following between Galen and Harvey) that blood travels away from the heart along those veins.

He tried the experiment again, this time giving them very tiny quantities of milk in addition to the purified materials, and found that they survived, thrived, and grew. He hypothesised that there must be something in the milk that was necessary for growth in addition to the other food components. Hopkins called them 'accessory food factors', an unwieldy term that was subsequently supplanted by the altogether snappier name Vitamins'. Hopkins was awarded the 1929 Nobel Prize for his discovery, despite the fact that he wasn't really very interested in vitamins.

B. S. Haldane, having ingested vast quantities of sodium bicarbonate, disturbed a tranquil punting party on the Cam by informing the professor and his rather surprised guests that he was now excreting the most alkaline urine known to man. Widdowson and McCance nearly had a fatal adventure selfexperimenting in 1939, when in the course of one experiment they injected themselves with needles that had been sitting in unsterilised water, and developed a raging septicaemia from which they nearly died.

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