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By Kenneth Smith

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2b) To evaluate Eq. =O xA = (1-xf 1 Chapter 2 30 Sec. 2. V-T Energy Transfer of the C02 Symmetrie and Bending Modes, Tw and T2o Weshall assume that the target C0 2 molecule can be represented by a pair of vibrational modes. In Section 1. 2 we derived the relaxation equations for such co2 molecules in collision with another co2 molecule that was assumed to be structureless. In the Iaser we must consider collisions of the target C0 2 with He and N 2 as weil as with other C0 2 molecules. U nder these circumstances, Eq.

65) The gain in photans due to the stimulating radiation can be estimated by solving Eq. 45), which is equivalent to neglecting the first and third terms on the right-hand side of Eq. N is as defined in Eq. 42), with dimensions L - 3 , and W [see Eq. 58)] has dimensions L 2 T. Hence the dimensions of a are L- 1 . The 44 Sec. 64c) where a is the gain per unit length. 8 x 10- 20 cm 2 for the TEA-C02 medium (see Stark 07 >). 2. Laser-Cavity Lifetime and Output Power We consider a steady-state (CW) Iaser cavity of length L (cm) containing some medium that provides a constant and uniform gain per unit length a (cm - 1).

Molecules of type a will also change their internal energy during collisions with molecules of type b, whose states will be indexed by I. 92) where we have used k to distinguish a-b collisions from a-a collisions, and where m 1/ N is the fraction of type b molecules in the state I. When p. = 0, we have V-T transitions, and when p, :rf 0, the rate coefficients are calculatr;d from the appropriate V-V cross sections. We shall adopt the approximation of Schwartz et al. 92). 19 Relaxation Phenomena in Gases Sec.

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