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By Helen Bradley

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The right eye still has a bit of redness showing, so we add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, select Red from the drop-down menu, and drop saturation to -30. We then select the layer mask on the Hue/Sat layer, invert it (Ctrl/Cmd+I) and paint in just the red area with a soft white brush. Key areas Focus on the eyes, teeth, crease lines and specular highlights Whenever you open up a portrait, there are certain key areas that once improved will make the photo a gazillion times better. Eyes, wrinkles, glare and teeth are always a good starting point, so here’s a look at how we went about editing our lady.

Select Add Clouds Texture, a soft brush and then experiment with different modes. The Brushes palette is where you shape the characteristics of the brush stroke. Open the Brushes palette and observe the different aspects of brush creation. Brush Shape Dynamics, Brush Scattering, Textured Brush options, Dual Brushes, Colour Dynamics Brush options, Other Dynamics Brush options and Other Brush options all include controls that affect the brush shape, colour, size and application. Experiment with the different settings, bearing in mind that it would be impossible to cover all combinations.

Set style to Tight Long, Area to 70, Tolerance Level to 30 and Brush Opacity to 75% to allow some transparency. Play it safe Tablet time If you have not done so already, now is the time to go to the Brushes palette on the top right of your screen, and set Graphics Tablet preferences. These have a direct effect on the brush look and application style. Be flexible as you go along, but start by setting the size and opacity to be controlled by Pen Pressure. Tip Snapshots Create Snapshots often. This allows you to retrace your steps.

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