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Thus, we confirm the general trend in the results from Experiment I. Of the differentially expressed transcripts, 179 lacked identifying features, such as a name, RefSeq or ENSEMBLE IDs, or Unigene Mm. cluster number; they also lacked any annotation information. This left us with 2052 annotatable genes. Classification by molecular functions revealed a distribution of molecular properties (Figure 3, Panel B) highly similar to that in Experiment I (Figure 3, Panel A). 3% of the deregulated genes; strong enrichment was confirmed by DAVID annotation.

This approach might have “missed” effects on genes that are expressed only in small cell populations of the embryo. 5 [39], and four of those genes are shared with Experiment I. Concordance was found for increased expression of Bnip3, and for decreased levels of En2, Hes6, Ina, Map3k7, Med1, Msx1, Mtap1B, Ngn2, Notch1, TgfβII, Doublecortin, Protocadherin18, Tgfβρεχεπτορ1, TopoIIβ, with the latter four genes confirmed also in Experiment I. Notch3, Nr2f2, Shh, and Tial1, were increased in dissected neural tube [39] but decreased in whole embryos, indicating that they may be deregulated in multiple tissues.

85% (w/v) sodium chloride, according to the procedures described by Chun et al. and Xiao et al. [32,33]. In several experiments, some male rats were vasectomized, and after 14 days they were used to mate with females to induce pseudo-pregnancy (PD, PD1 = day of vaginal plug positive). Immunohistochemistry In the designed time points the animals were killed by cervical dislocation under anaesthetic and the uteri were collected. In some experiments the implantation sites on day 6 and 7 were separated from the inter-implantation segments, the corrected uterine materials were fixed immediately in 10% neutral buffered formalin solution (Beijing Chemical Reagents Co.

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