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By D. J. Fisher

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Agglomeration Defects on Irradiated Carbon Nanotubes. Pimenta: AIP Advances, 2012, 2[1], 012174 [98] Defects: Formation It was shown that a diagram of the Raman intensity ratio of the G to D peaks and the G peak width could reveal two damaging stages of multi-walled carbon nanotube films. In a transition period, additional peaks appeared in the X-ray absorption spectra, thereby indicating some significant change in the electronic structure. Also, a remarkable increase occurred in the diameter of the multi-walled carbon nanotubes in the latter stage, suggesting the formation of dislocation dipoles which may relate to the change in the properties of field-emission devicesDefect Evolution in Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Films Irradiated by Ar Ions.

28 Defects and Diffusion in Carbon Nanotubes dynamics method. The defective carbon nanotubes were compared with perfect tubes. The influences of type and concentration of the defect, length, diameter, and chirality of the tube, and the ambient temperature were taken into consideration. It was demonstrated that defects result in a dramatic reduction of thermal conductivity. Doping and Stone-Wales defects have greater effect on armchair tubes, while vacancy affects the zig-zag ones more. Thermal conductivity of the nanotubes increased, reached a peak, and then decreased with increasing temperature.

Elucidation of the Origin of Grown-In Defects in Carbon Nanotubes. Takeda: Carbon, 2014, 70, 266-72 [94] Defects: Formation The formation of structural defects during particle-flux channeling in an array of nanotubes was studied using molecular dynamics. The approach accounted for the formation of defects by means of the AIREBO potential. The characteristic dependences of the energy of the channeling particles on time were considered. Data were obtained on the types of defects formed and the energy of their formation.

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