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By Milton A. Rothman

Available, mind-stretching advent to theories, experiments underlying classical legislation of movement and gravitation, conservation of strength, electrodynamics, relativity, different vital thoughts. additionally dialogue of antigravity, time go back and forth, different technology fiction principles in mild of legislation of physics. New epilogue.

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In other words, Since Conservation of law, we might Momentum is a completely universal guess that Newton's Third Law is equally uni- applying to the interactions between all pairs of objects. Strangely enough, when we go to test this law we find that there are certain exceptional situations where the law appears to be violated. We will examine one of these situaversal, and we will find that the Third Law and that it does not apply to all the kinds of interactions that there are. However, it does apply to all of the forces within Newton's domain of knowledge: the gravitational force and mechanical contact forces such as occur between bouncing balls, springs, ropes, and pulleys.

When we push the defining the object's mass, £2 KG- Q&&MQF& IX KG- T^Lo—O- L-O—O- *^" 1 1 An inertia balance. Two cars are pushed apart by a spring (or other force). By comparing the velocities (or accelerations) of the two cars, the inertial masses of the two cars may be Figure 2-2. compared. two masses apart by a spring or other force and then measure their velocities (or accelerations), the ratio of the masses is given by the ratio of the velocities, for those ratios represent the relative amounts of inertia of the two objects.

The observer itself is being acis an rotating so that there acceleration toward the center of curvature, or he is in a speeding up or slowing down. These sourceless forces are given the general name of inertial forces, and the vehicle that is names of centrifugal force, Coriolis force, and the by the rocketing astronaut (Figure 2-4). There are three possible things we can do with the infor- particular "g-force" felt mation we have obtained while testing our hypothesis about we can say that this hypothesis is the nature of force.

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