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A thermographic phosphor screen can display the b e a m profile by quenching o f phosphor fluorescence caused by a local rise o f temperature in areas where the laser radiation is absorbed (38). T h e disadvantage o f this method is that an additional source o f ultraviolet illumination o f the screen is required. 1 sec can be obtained (39). A method which does not require the presence o f ultraviolet radiation uses hydrated salts; for example, cobaltous chloride hexahydrate, which is red, while its anhydrous form has a deep blue c o l o r (40).

48. Laser Focus, p. 14 (February, 1970). 49. Physics Today, p. 55 (July, 1970). CHAPTER 2 Measurement Techniques A. I N T R O D U C T I O N This chapter will describe methods o f measuring power and energy in laser beams and will discuss detectors that are c o m m o n l y employed. I t is not the intention to give a complete survey o f radiation detection ( / ) , but rather t o give a brief summary o f measurement techniques that are valuable in the field o f laser effects. This topic is important and relevant in the experimental study o f laser effects and in their applications.

4. These are representative values, not necessarily the highest ever reached. T h e types o f lasers are separated into the different time sequences in which they are c o m m o n l y operated, because the properties for one type o f laser vary widely for different regimes o f operation, and because the interaction with matter depends strongly on the type o f operation. R u b y and Nd-glass lasers are generally operated in single pulses. T h e y offer the highest pulsed powers and the highest energies per pulse.

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