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By Keith Oatley

Feelings: a quick heritage investigates the heritage of feelings throughout cultures in addition to the evolutionary background of feelings and of emotional improvement throughout an individual's existence span. In transparent and available language, Keith Oatley examines key issues comparable to emotional intelligence, emotion and the mind, and emotional issues. all through, he interweaves 3 subject matters: the alterations that feelings have gone through from the earlier to the current, the level to which we will keep watch over our feelings, and the ways that feelings support us determine the deeper layers of ourselves and our relations.

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So emotions such as warmth, happiness, shame, and fear, which are consistent with female roles of nurturance, affiliation, and lower status, are indeed more frequently and more intensely expressed by women. Both in terms of the stereotype and research results, if you have an emotion to confide, you would on average be better doing it with a woman, regardless of your own gender. Women are more likely to be empathetic, and able to offer better social support. 22 Building on an Inherited Foundation All humans start with much the same emotional repertoire, derived from genes.

Chagnon estimated that about 30 percent of adult males died in violence, including warfare. Some 40 percent of males had participated in the killing of others, and some had killed as many as 16. Prestige is attached to being a man who has killed others (a unokais). Such men were more successful than others in obtaining wives and had on average three times as many children. Chagnon writes: Almost everyone, including the Yanomamo¨, regards war as repugnant and would prefer that it did not exist. Like us, they are willing to quit – if the bad guys also quit.

Genetic mechanisms have worked to program emotional responses of sexual attraction and delight in sexual activity (emotional evaluations), and brains large enough to decide how to think about and manage immediate contingencies. m. on 10 October 2005. Reactive emotions, sentiments, and preferences, therefore, are among the means by which the genes translate adaptations into actions in the world. This was the case for Darwin’s reflex, the snake escape. Our job as human-being-robots is, as Stanovich has put it, initially one of consciousness raising.

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