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By Dale Henson

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Use of this power extinguishes any fires within 30 feet in the round of its activation by will. • Obscurement once per day, activated by the bearer's will. • Timestop once every 12 days: This power can only be unleashed by speaking a secret word while touching the amulet to a magical item (that is then forever drained). of Perpetual Youth XP Value: 2,000 of the Planes GP Value: 20,000 XP Value: 6,000 Tome of Magic GP Value: 30,000 This amulet glows with a faint, blue light. The DUNGEON MASTER Guide, 1st Edition wearer has temporary immunity to the effects of both natural and magical aging; the amulet grows older instead of the wearer.

If the wearer is psionic, he or she cannot fire a Psionic Blast without being destroyed. This device is generally used by githyanki scouts operating alone on missions into illithid lairs. Wearing these amulets is considered a great honor, and githyanki go to great lengths to recover lost amulets. Mind flayers are equally enraged to see such an amulet if they recognize it for what it is. Only humans, githyanki, and githzerai may use this item; psionic demihumans and nonpsionic characters are neither aided nor injured by it.

Of Life Protection XP Value: 5,000 GP Value: 20,000 DUNGEON MASTER Guide, 1st Edition This amulet serves as protection for the psyche. The wearer is protected from magic jar and similar mental attacks that usurp control of the wearer's body. If the wearer is slain, the psyche enters the amulet and is protected for seven full days. After that, it departs to the plane of its alignment. If the amulet is destroyed during the seven days, the psyche is utterly and irrevocably annihilated. In Ravenloft: As long as the amulet of life protection is in Ravenloft, a captured psyche cannot leave the demiplane.

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