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By Gerald Diaz.

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They used much smaller samples of the population to estimate the whole. Going back to Chapter 1, this is a great reason to learn statistics - we need only a smaller sample of data to make intelligent descriptions of the entire population! Discrete distributions result from plotting the frequency distribution of data which is discrete in nature. Cumulative Distribution Function A discrete random variable has a cumulative distribution function that describes the probability that the random variable is below the point.

A basic understanding of probability is vital in grasping basic statistics, and probability is largely abstract without statistics to determine the "real world" probabilities. This section is not meant to give a comprehensive lecture in probability, but rather simply touch on the basics that are needed for this class, covering the basics of Bayesian Analysis for those students who are looking for something a little more interesting. This knowledge will be invaluable in attempting to understand the mathematics involved in various Distributions that come later.

Worked Problem Let's say you are an avid roleplayer who loves to play Mechwarrior, a d6 (6 sided die) based game. You have just purchased a new 6 sided die and would like to see whether it is biased (in combination with you when you roll it). What We Expect So before we look at what we get from rolling the die, let's look at what we would expect. First, if a die is unbiased it means that the odds of rolling a six are exactly the same as the odds of rolling a 1--there wouldn't be any favoritism towards certain values.

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