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By David Sacks

A connection with the folks, areas, occasions and tradition of the classical Greek international. prepared alphabetically, it truly is complemented with illustrations via Maureen Bunson.

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Akragas was resettled by the Corinthian commander TIMOLEON (ca. ) but never recovered its former greatness. E. the city was again a Carthaginian possession. ), Akragas was twice besieged and captured by Roman troops. E. it was again captured by the Romans and soon thereafter repopulated with Roman colonists. See also DORIAN GREEKS; ORPHISM; TYRANTS. Further reading: A. Bruno, “Ancient Greek Water Supply and City Planning. A Study of Syracuse and Acragas,” in Technology and Culture (1974): 389–412; M.

The Spartan general LYSANDER and the Athenian quisling KRITIAS feared that Alcibiades would lead the defeated Athenians to new resistance. At Spartan request, Pharnabazus sent men to kill him. Legend says that Alcibiades was abed with a courtesan when he awoke to find the house on fire. Wrapping a cloak around his left arm as a shield, he dashed out naked, sword in hand, but fell to arrows and javelins. The woman escaped and later had him buried. So died the foremost Athenian soldier of his day.

Intriguing for a modern reader are the emotionally charged statements that Alcman wrote for public recitation by these aristocratic girls. ) The nuances are sexual, and presumably the verses commemorate genuine emotions within this exclusive girls’ group. In the surviving fragments of another partheneion, Alcman seems to be addressing the same topic. The situation resembles the female-homosexual style of life later described by the poet SAPPHO (ca. ). In other extant verse, Alcman celebrates simple aspects of the natural world: birds, flowers, food.

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