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By Per Enghag(auth.)

Recognized for its historical past of various aspect discoverers, Sweden is the starting place of this accomplished encylopedia of the elements.
It presents either a tremendous database for execs in addition to unique analyzing starting from old evidence, discoverers' snap shots, color plates of mineral varieties, ordinary occurrences, and business figures to profitable and refining techniques, organic roles and purposes in smooth chemistry, engineering and industry.
Elemental information is gifted actually tables which come with a number of actual and thermodynamic houses, isotope lists, radiation absorption features, NMR parameters, and others. additional pertinent info is available in extra tables during the text.
released in Swedish in 3 volumes from 1998 to 2000, the contents were revised and accelerated by means of the writer for this English edition.Content:
Chapter 1 advent (pages 1–22):
Chapter 2 approximately subject (pages 23–54):
Chapter three the weather – foundation, prevalence, Discovery and Names (pages 55–78):
Chapter four Geochemistry (pages 79–97):
Chapter five Gold (pages 99–121):
Chapter 6 Silver (pages 123–138):
Chapter 7 Copper (pages 139–165):
Chapter eight Iron (pages 167–214):
Chapter nine Hydrogen (pages 215–234):
Chapter 10 Blowpipe and Spectroscope – very important instruments for locating components (pages 235–257):
Chapter eleven Sodium and Potassium (pages 259–285):
Chapter 12 Lithium (pages 287–300):
Chapter thirteen Rubidium and Cesium (pages 301–313):
Chapter 14 Magnesium and Calcium (pages 315–339):
Chapter 15 Beryllium (pages 341–353):
Chapter sixteen Strontium and Barium (pages 355–372):
Chapter 17 Scandium, Yttrium, Lanthanum and the 14 Lanthanides – infrequent Earth Metals (REMs) (pages 373–492):
Chapter 18 Titanium (pages 493–509):
Chapter 19 Zirconium (pages 511–522):
Chapter 20 Hafnium (pages 523–529):
Chapter 21 Vanadium (pages 531–547):
Chapter 22 Niobium (pages 549–560):
Chapter 23 Tantalum (pages 561–570):
Chapter 24 Chromium (pages 571–588):
Chapter 25 Molybdenum (pages 589–604):
Chapter 26 Tungsten (pages 605–623):
Chapter 27 Manganese (pages 625–642):
Chapter 28 Technetium (pages 643–654):
Chapter 29 Rhenium (pages 655–666):
Chapter 30 Cobalt (pages 667–683):
Chapter 31 Nickel (pages 685–706):
Chapter 32 Platinum team Metals (pages 707–757):
Chapter 33 Zinc (pages 759–776):
Chapter 34 Cadmium (pages 777–790):
Chapter 35 Mercury (pages 791–804):
Chapter 36 Boron (pages 805–818):
Chapter 37 Aluminum (pages 819–843):
Chapter 38 Gallium, Indium and Thallium (pages 845–867):
Chapter 39 Carbon (pages 869–895):
Chapter forty Silicon (pages 897–921):
Chapter forty-one Germanium (pages 923–933):
Chapter forty two Tin (pages 935–947):
Chapter forty three Lead (pages 949–970):
Chapter forty four Nitrogen (pages 971–988):
Chapter forty five Phosphorus (pages 989–999):
Chapter forty six Arsenic, Antimony and Bismuth (pages 1001–1026):
Chapter forty seven Oxygen (pages 1027–1044):
Chapter forty eight Sulfur (pages 1045–1058):
Chapter forty nine Selenium and Tellurium (pages 1059–1071):
Chapter 50 Halogens (pages 1073–1108):
Chapter fifty one Noble Gases (pages 1109–1140):
Chapter fifty two Radioactive parts (pages 1141–1214):

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M39 Scheelite CaWO4 in UV-radiation. The scheelite fluoresces in the UV-light with a white color, quite different from the surrounding minerals. LIII LIV Color Plates M40 Wolframite (Fe,Mn)WO4, Monoclinic crystals from Mina La Panasqueira, Beira Baixa, Portugal. M41 Pyrolusite MnO2 from the manganese mines in Bölet in southern Sweden. From Anton Sjögren’s collection. M42 Manganese nodules, built up of concentrically arranged layers of manganese and iron oxides. Brought up from the bottom of the ocean south-east of the Hawaiian Islands by Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

9 Elements Known Before Radioactivity Was Discovered 1170 Uranus – The Father of the Gods in Greek Mythology 1170 Thor – The God of Thunder in Norse Mythology 1171 Radioactivity 1172 Measuring Radioactivity – The Becquerel 1172 What Is Radioactivity? 6 Actinium 1190 Radon 1190 The Periodic Table Becomes Complete 1192 Number 91, Protactinium – Discovered in 1913–1918 1192 Number 87, Francium – Discovered in 1939 1193 Number 85, Astatine – Discovered in 1940 1193 A Complete Periodic Table 1194 Thorium as a Technological Metal 1195 Occurrence 1195 Manufacture 1195 Uses 1195 Uranium as a Technological Metal 1196 Occurrence 1196 Production 1197 Manufacture of Uranium Metal and Isotope Separation 1198 Nuclear Fission 1199 The Nuclear Reactor 1200 With Enriched Uranium as the Fuel 1200 Breeder Reactors 1202 Oklo – Nature’s Own Reactor 1202 More Than Just 92 Elements – The Transuranium Actinides 1203 The Situation in 1940 1203 Synthesis and Discovery 1203 Uses of the Transuranium Actinides 1207 Physical Properties 1208 The Elements After the Actinides – The Transactinides 1208 The Situation at the Beginning of the 1960s 1208 New Discoveries 1209 Notes About the Elements 1210 An Island of Stability 1212 The Properties of the Transactinides 1213 Naming of the Elements – a Continuous Cause of Dispute and Controversy 1213 Index 1215 XXXVII Preface This book was originally written as a trilogy in Swedish with the title “The Elements on Earth and their Discovery”.

In English the book is more than a translation of the Swedish trilogy. It contains indeed the same moments of discovery history, element occurrence, winning and manufacturing, as well as element properties and use. The environmental viewpoints have however been given more space. This book, unlike the Swedish original, also deals with the transuranium elements. Another difference is that the fact tables at the beginning of every element chapter have been considerably extended to provide encyclopedic character.

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