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By V. B. John (auth.)

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Dispersion hardening. Major increases in yield strength can be achieved in some metallic systems by developing a microstructure containing a fine dispersion of very fine second phase or precipitated particles. Such structures may be obtained by one of two means, either by a mechanical dispersion of an insoluble phase such as a refractory oxide throughout the metal, or by a precipitation heat treatment. In some specific alloys, a metastable solid solution can be obtained by very rapid cooling of the alloy from a high temperature.

3(a) below intercepts the three axes OA, OB and OC at P, Q and R respectively. 3(b), the plane ABDE intercepts the OA and OB axes at A and B respectively but is parallel to the OC axis and intercepts it at infinity. Therefore OC OB OA h=-= 1 k=-= 1 /=-=0 . oo ' OB ' OA The plane is (110). 3 (b) (a) Plane PQR in relation to crystal axes, (b) Identification of planes Similarly, for plane AEFG, it intercepts the OA axis at A and the OB and OC axes at infinity so: h = OA/OA, k = OB/oo, 1 = OCfoo. The plane is (100).

How many atoms are there per mm 2 on the (100) crystal planes? 13 High density polyethylene shows a high degree of crystallinity and the hydrocarbon chains pack themselves into an orthorhombic form. 55 X w-tom. Find the number of atoms in a unit cell. 3 Plane A= (OOI) (obtain by transposition of origin to C), Plane B = (220), Plane C = (lll) (refer to sketch. Extend plane into next unit cell where it cuts the B axis at unit distance in the negative direction), PlaneD= (0001), Plane E =(tOTO) Direction A= [102], Direction B = [121], Direction C = [110], Direction D = [TOOO], Direction E = [0001] Refer to sketch below.

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