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By L. Allen and D. ter Haar (Auth.)

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A screen containing nine slits was placed across the full ~ 1 cm aperture of the beam and a diffraction pattern resulted with very small minima. This indicates a high degree of spatial coherence. If the beam were totally incoherent no pattern would have resulted ; and zero intensity at the minima corresponds exclusively to the case of perfectly spatially coherent light (see Born and Wolf, 1964, chap. X). The remainder of the paper by Javan et al. is concerned with the measurement of the linewidth of the emitted radiation.

Powers are possible. For a given output power a smaller volume of active medium is necessary than that required by a gas laser. To be a successful laser material a crystalline solid should have a narrow fluorescent linewidth, few impurities and scattering centres, and a broad strong absorption band coincident with the output of available types of flash tube. The upper laser level should have an essentially radiative lifetime and this should preferably be long. Smith and Sorokin (1966) review crystalline solid lasers especially well in their book.

Trapping. This means that every time a photon is emitted, another ground state atom absorbs the photon and re-excites the state. This process can continue time and time again because of the large ground state population. The lifetimes of these levels are in the end determined not by their resonance transitions but by their decay to the 2p levels. The total, and partial, pressures of the gas mixture are not arbitrary. The correct conditions have to be found to ensure sufficient transfer of excitation energy to the 2s levels, and the resonance trapping of the Is to ground state transitions.

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