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By Ajahn Chah, translated by Paul Breiter

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It’s like this: if we get attached to the ideals and take the guidelines that we are given in the instructions too literally, it can be difficult to understand. When doing a standard meditation such as mindfulness of breathing, first we should make the determination that right now we are going to do this practice, and we are going to make mindfulness of breathing our foundation. We only focus on the breath at three points, as it 40 03-free 40 29/5/04, 1:28 PM Free from doubt passes through the nostrils, the chest and the abdomen.

Not attached to the external, you are not attached to the internal. Observing things within yourself or outside of yourself, it is all completely the same. In this way we can dwell in a natural state, which is peace and tranquility. If we are criticized, we remain undisturbed. If we are praised, we are undisturbed. Let things be in this way; don’t be influenced by others. This is freedom. Knowing the two extremes for what they are one can experience well-being. One does not stop at either side.

The fish discussed it among themselves. “It’s not so great here anymore. The water doesn’t even cover our heads. ” So they lined up to be taken by the bird. The bird took one fish at a time. As soon as he flew out of sight of the pond, he landed and ate the fish. ” It sounded fantastic to the fish. They couldn’t wait to go, so they started pushing to get to the head of the line. The bird finished off the fish like that. Then he went back to the pond to see if he could find any more. There was only one crab there.

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