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By Alison Barlow

Who says a knitting undertaking needs to be complex to seem stylish? basic might be trendy, too—and somebody who can do a easy “knit and purl” could make those stylish goods with ease in any respect. The trick: utilizing caliber yarns in attractive shades and textures. the implications will glance marvelous…and nobody want recognize that your fashion designer shawl used a simple free sew and took quite a few hours to create! And there’s plenty to select from: 34 tasks that come with hats, baggage, blankets, shawls, sweaters, and components. the horny images exhibit every one in numerous yarns and hues, and perfect, easy-to-follow directions train how you can knit on round needles, make nice felted goods.

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12 Not pictured: Garter bar for turning knitting over to produce a garter stitch. Ridges of reversed knit can be made. be easily replaced. Flexible circular hand-knitting needles also make useful stitch holders, as do large safety pins. Stitch holders. Some handmanipulated techniques require stitches to be temporarily moved away from the needles while other knitting continues; these stitches are placed on holding tools. A capped stitch holder is designed to hold multiple stitches and stitches can Linkers for sewing seams or attaching edges, frills and collars.

The most useful tools are those used for selecting, moving, holding and repairing stitches. Using the right tools for manoeuvres such as creating lace holes and manual patterns, increasing and decreasing stitches and casting off, will not only save time but also make the task easier. 1 Approach to knit 1 5 4 4 1 Punch cards and plastic clips for making patterned knits. Prepunched patterns are available, which can be used with other stitch settings such as lace, tuck and slip. 2 Machine needles feature a latch, a hook and butt.

6 7 8 3 Latch tools are used for casting off and picking up dropped stitches. 4 Transfer tools for moving stitches from one needle to another. Two- and threeprong tools are useful for handling two groups of stitches simultaneously, such as cables. Adjustable pronged tools enable you to set some prongs in nonworking positions; these can be as big as 15 prongs to a tool. 5 Repair tools are useful for picking up dropped stitches. These come in a variety of styles and tend to look like crochet hooks; some have doubleended combinations of pick (pointed) and transfer (eyelet).

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