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By Shane Mountjoy

In 1531, Pizarro led a small yet good knowledgeable military alongside the Pacific Coast of the unexplored South the United States. With lower than two hundred males, he conquered the Inca empire, often called modern-day Peru. a long time 8+years.

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Many future conquistadors, like Hernándo Cortés and Vasco Núñez de Balboa, were also born in the province. PIZARRO AND HIS WORLD illegitimate child. This meant he had no legal right to inherit his father’s property or title. Gonzalo Pizarro had other sons: Hernando, Gonzalo, and Juan. Of these three, only Hernando was a legal heir. Each of his brothers later played important roles in Francisco’s conquest of the Inca. Without legal rights to either a title or property, Francisco Pizarro faced many difficulties in improving his status.

This conquest joined all of Spain under a single ruler. After Ferdinand and Isabella united most of Spain, the Spanish decided to push the remaining Moors in Granada off the peninsula. Under the leadership of the combined Aragon and Castile forces, the Moors were finally defeated in January 1492. To strengthen their hold on Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella expelled any Jews who refused to convert to Christianity. And 1492 was also the year of a great discovery. PIZARRO AND HIS WORLD Test Your Knowledge 1 What does the Latin phrase “extrema et dura” mean?

Córdoba was on an important river (the Guadalquivir) in southern Spain. While the Moors ruled, Spain enjoyed growth in architecture, the arts, and literature. The Moors built mosques (Muslim places of worship) and castles (called alcazars). They also preserved many ancient Greek and Latin writings, as well as writings from the Middle East. European scholars traveled to Spain to study these ancient works. The Moors allowed Christians and Jews to live in their society. Many of these non-Moorish peoples helped contribute to the flourishing Moorish culture.

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