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By Laurie J. Fundukian (Project Editor)

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CT scans are the chief competitor to ultrasound and can yield higher quality images not disrupted by bone or gas. They are, however, more cumbersome, time consuming and expensive to perform, and they use ionizing electromagnetic radiation. Doppler—The Doppler effect refers to the apparent change in frequency of sound wave echoes returning to a stationary source from a moving target. If the object is moving toward the source, the frequency increases; if the object is moving away, the frequency decreases.

Three federal appeals courts ruled that the law was unconstitutional. Nevertheless, in April 2007, the U. S. Supreme Court upheld the law, ruling that it was constitutional, thus allowing for its enforcement. Precautions IDX is illegal in the United States. Women considering IDX in countries where the procedure is legal should be aware of the highly controversial nature of this procedure. One controversy common to this and all late-term abortions is determining at what point in the pregnancy the fetus is viable (able to survive outside the mother’ body).

If the patient’s symptoms and physical examination do G AL E E NC Y CL O P ED I A O F M E DI C IN E 4 T H ED ITION (c) 2011 Cengage Learning. All Rights Reserved. Treatment Since skin is very resistant to the spread of infection, it acts as a barrier, often keeping the toxic chemicals of an abscess from escaping the body on their own. Thus, the pus must be drained from the abscess by a physician. The surgeon determines when the abscess is ready for drainage and opens a path to the outside, allowing the pus to escape.

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