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Download Galen on the Brain: Anatomical Knowledge and Physiological by Dr Julius Rocca PDF

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By Dr Julius Rocca

This publication is a learn of the ways that Galen sought to set up the mind because the regent half (hegemonikon) of the physique, using a rigorous anatomical epistemology and a frequently refined (but perforce constrained) set of physiological arguments. half 1 surveys the scientific and philosophical previous during which the learn of the mind happened, and appears on the fabrics and strategies which Galen employs to valid his hegemonic argumentation. half 2 examines Galen's anatomical figuring out of the mind, specially the ventricles. half three deals a severe overview of Galen's body structure of the mind. this is often the 1st monograph to supply an in depth account of this topic, atmosphere it in the cultural and highbrow contexts of its period, and will be of curiosity to these in classics, scientific heritage, background and philosophy of technological know-how and the historical past of principles.

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145). Yet Galen’s anger should also be seen in perspective. As Asmis, 1993, 147, notes, “Galen was a highly polemical writer who often ignored differences among his opponents in order to attack what seemed to him a common position. ” 75 Meth. Med. X. 76 K. 76 In this respect, anatomy for a Methodist is more a rhetorical than epistemological tool. Dissection for the sake of acquisition of new knowledge does not seem to have been considered. 79 It is this particular interplay of status, authority and knowledge that underlies Galen’s approach to the study of the brain.

2; Tieleman, 1991, 122–3. 37 The story related by Plutarch, Per. VI, on the opening of the skull of a ram by Anaxagoras, if not apocryphal, may be interpreted as curiosity to explore an anomaly (the presence of a single horn growing from the middle of the forehead). The horn was interpreted as an excrescence of the brain. Cf. ; Lloyd, 1979, 24 n. 79, 161 n. 185. 38 According to the doxography, the Presocratic Philolaus (c. 470–385 BC) in On Nature (Fr. 13 Huffman) apparently regarded the head (kefalÆ) as érxÆ or “first principle” of the intellect (nÒow).

TÚ katãrxon afisyÆse≈w te ka‹ ırm∞w. Conation was used by the Stoics to distinguish animals from plants, and as a human being develops, it is placed under the influence of reason (cf. L-S 33I, 53P,Q ). 12 See chapter 2, n. 97. 20   (érxÆ) of the nerves, for it is central to Galen’s encephalocentrism that the nerves not only take their origin from the brain, but are composed of the same substance. To help validate such claims, Galen utilises the authority of the past as well as his experimental methodology.

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