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By Laura Palazzani (auth.)

This booklet is an introductory systematic framework within the advanced and interdisciplinary sex/gender debate, concentrating on philosophy of law.The quantity analyses the several theories that experience handled the gender classification, highlighting the conceptual premises and the arguments of the main influential theories within the debate, that have had repercussions at the box of the moral and juridical debate (with connection with intersexuality, transsexualism, transgender, homosexuality). the purpose is to provide a kind of conceptual orientation within the complexity of the talk, for you to establish a number of the elements and improvement approaches of the theories, in an effort to spotlight the conceptual parts of the theorisations to know the matter components inside of them. it truly is consequently an total artificial and likewise explicative research, yet not just explicative: the purpose is to stipulate the arguments helping the several theories and the counter-arguments too, for the aim of offering different types to weigh up the weather and to take one’s personal severe stance, with a methodological type that's neither descriptive nor prescriptive, yet severe. ​

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Zetkin), even anarchic thinkers (E. Goldman). 109 F. ENGELS, Der Ursprung der Familie, des Privateigenthums und des Staats (1884), English translation, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Penguin Classics, London 2010. 110 The most important methods used for this purpose were the institutional struggle, law and organised mass action for equal opportunities. Feminism has also taken on different characteristics depending on the social, legal and political system in which it has spread.

D. THOMPSON, The Sex/Gender Distinction: a Reconsideration, ‘‘Australian Feminist Studies’’, 1989, 10, p. 23). Moreover, it is an infrequently used category with this meaning in feminism. Some, however, believe that the category was coined by Anglophone feminism (cf. C. HARRISON, J. HOOD-WILLIAMS, Beyond Sex and Gender, Sage, London 2002, p. 25). 91 With reference to the vast quantity of literature one is restricted to mention only: R. TONG, Feminist Thought: a More Comprehensive Introduction, Allen and Uniwin, Sidney 1998; C.

The distinction becomes and can become social opposition of the sexes or genders. The opposition means that belonging to one sex carries with it, on the historical-social level, the possession of certain characteristics that are supposed to be conflicting: to be a man means not being a woman and not assuming the role of women and vice versa. Hierarchicalisation arises (or may arise) from opposition: in this sense, hierarchy does not come from natural distinction, but from the social construction associated with the natural distinction, insofar as society privileges one category, placing it in a position of superiority or exclusivity, and devaluing the other.

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