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Download Goddesses, Elixirs, and Witches: Plants and Sexuality by John M. Riddle (auth.) PDF

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By John M. Riddle (auth.)

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Genesis 2: 4b-25, including the passage above, covers the creation of man and woman, the Garden of Eden, and Fall, and the Tower of Babel. Scholars refer to the section as “J,” named from Jahwist (or Jehovist from Hebrew Yahweh = YHWH); throughout the section this name represents a human-like God. Its composition (roughly in the form that we have as transmitted) dates from as early as Israel’s early monarch (ca. 950 BCE and later incorporated into the Torah (ca. 400 BC). A number of scholars see evidence of composition in the pre-exile, exile, or early restoration period, known as the Babylonian Captivity (ca.

21 The Genesis writer, however, did not know Sigmund Freud. John L. ” In Genesis, the serpent lured Eve into eating the apple, she lured Adam, and they both discovered their nakedness and were expelled from the Garden. St. ”23 The Church Fathers understood 38 Goddesses, Elixirs, and Witches the lesson to be one of human innocent purity and then disobedience. The “fruit” could have been anything that God could have used to unfold humans’ disobedience and fall. 25 There are two trees in the Garden, one the tree of life, the other the tree of knowledge and evil (Gen.

Included in such instruction was how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, which may have included, if Herodotus is believed, a sacred trial intercourse under the good goddess’s auspices and her blessing. In this way, a woman was then ready to be wed. Whether Herodotus and other sources were correct or not, the period of temple service would have been schooling for life’s marital and even extramarital experiences. Never would she, her parents, or wooers fear pregnancy by a ritualized but real act. I can think of no alternative interpretation except this one: women learned in the temple how to take pomegranate to prevent pregnancy.

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