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Download ’Greek’ and ’Roman’ in Latin Medical Texts: Studies in by Brigitte Maire PDF

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By Brigitte Maire

Latin scientific texts transmit clinical theories and practices that originated normally in Greece. This interplay happened via juxtaposition, assimilation and transformation of principles. 'Greek' and 'Roman' in Latin clinical Texts reports the ways that this cultural interplay encouraged the advance of the scientific occupation and the expansion of information of human and animal our bodies, and particularly the way it supplied the rules for techniques within the parts of anatomy, pathology and pharmacology, from the earliest Latin scientific texts till good into the medieval global.

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7. Another example of this is Crinias (n° 20 Marasco) who used his fortune to strengthen Marseille: see Plin. Nat. 9. 45 See Rémy/Delrieux (2007). 46 Tac. Ann. 2. 47 Kaplan (1990: 85). 49 Moreover—an exceptional fact— Xenophon was named, represented, and honoured on two local artefacts. One of these “pseudo-autonomous” bronze coins50 represents Xenophon himself on the obverse51 with the legend ΞΕΝΟ-ΦΩΝ and Hygieia on the reverse; the other qualifies Xenophon as ΙΕΡΕΥΣ and shows the club of Asclepius on the reverse.

This means of recruitment was apparently mainly used in cases of force majeure when the numbers of medical staff were insufficient. In the epigraphic evidence, it is difficult to identify these civilian physicians who are under contract except by the fact that they had to be freeborn citizens to be eligible to serve as soldiers in a legion. 15 Finally the army could train simple soldiers in the medical arts. 29 (Sextus Arrius Romanus, medicus duplicarius, who lived for 26 years and served for 5 years).

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