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By Massad Ayoob

In this assortment, excerpted from the Gun Digest publication of hid Carry, Massad Ayoob discusses weapons and rather a lot to optimize hid hold. From handguns to ammunition, the way to apparatus up for self-defense.

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Gun Digest's Concealed Pocket Carry eShort

During this excerpt from the Gun Digest e-book of hid hold, Massad Ayoob covers pocket holsters, drawing from the pocket, firing from the pocket and tactical concerns for this mode of hid hold.

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There are a lot of individualistic little tastes that you develop over years of concealed carry, and they tend to be highly subjective. Thickness is an important dimension in CCW selection. Top to bottom, left: Springfield XD, Glock 22, Kimber 1911, SIG P226. From top at right: Kahr P40, S&W K-frame, S&W J-frame, and Browning Hi-Power. Note slimness of 1911 and Hi-Power formats, a reason for their popularity among CCW professionals. Commonality of training and ammo, duality of purpose. Top, Glock 31 with Scott Warren night sights and InSight M3X white light unit, for police patrol and home defense.

The reason is found by analyzing shooter ergonomics in live fire, not theory born in dry fire. When a revolver recoils, it wants to torque its muzzle up and to the side. With the conventional-hammer Chiefs series, the butt can roll up into the web of the hand, getting after one to three shots to a position where that web of the hand blocks the hammer and prevents subsequent shots from being fired until the gun is re-gripped. ” The Centennial is even better, because not only can’t the gun roll up, but in addition the shape of the rear frame allows the shooter’s hand to grasp the gun higher.

My carry autos are either double action (with heavier-than-target-grade trigger pulls even on single action), my XDs have 6 to 7 pound trigger pulls, none of my carry 1911s are lighter than 4 pounds, and as noted my carry Glocks have New York triggers in the 7-8 pound pull range. Anyone who tells you it’s impossible to shoot well with these guns, doesn’t know how to shoot. 5 pound pulls in their guns before the match. Camera catches recoil and muzzle flash as author fires Ruger SP101, the most controllable of the “baby Magnums” in his opinion, with full power 125-grain 357 loads at dusk.

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