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Download Gun Digest's Principles of Jeff Cooper Defensive Handguns by David Fessenden PDF

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By David Fessenden

In this excerpt from Defensive Handgun Skills, David Fessenden teaches Jeff Cooper's common principles of firearm protection, colour code of psychological know-how, smooth thoughts for the protective pistol and self-defense ideas.

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Col. Cooper became a “gun guru” and Gunsite grew and prospered. As far as I know, Cooper never put his Modern Techniques into writing but often verbally articulated them to many groups and to his students over the years. These techniques are, and I paraphrase: 1. Grip and Stance The two-handed grip is the Weaver or the modified Weaver. Grip high on the handgun’s tang with the index finger of the firing hand on the trigger halfway onto the first pad of the finger, firing-side thumb on top of the thumb safety, support-side thumb stacked next to the firing side thumb with no lateral pressure exerted on the thumb.

A purely robotic approach to these important factors may result in someone dead or hurt. I am totally comfortable with teaching all five conditions as a legitimate part of Cooper’s Code. Cooper’s early defensive guncraft courses were a far cry from many of today’s high-tech seminars. Lawrence’s Three Elements of Awareness Eric Lawrence, in his instructional shooter’s book The Operator’s Tactical Pistol Shooting Manual,offers these three tenents of awareness that can be important to whether a potential victim will survive a potentially violent attack: 1.

Consciously you tell yourself you will act with speed and decisiveness should this person continue his overtly threatening manner towards you. The Principles of Personal Defense consists of about 65 pages of Cooper’s thoughts on the attitudes needed to survive the gun fight that you hope will never come your way. It is a modest-sized volume and one I would encourage all serious gun owners to read. BONUS: Legal Considerations Formerly affiliated with Lethal Force Institute and now director of the Massad Ayoob Group, best-selling author Massad Ayoob is an expert in handguns, defensive handgunning techniques and the justifiable use of force.

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