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Download Gun Digest's Why Carry a Concealed Weapon? eShort by Massad Ayoob PDF

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By Massad Ayoob

In this excerpt from the Gun Digest ebook of hid Carry, Massad Ayoob solutions the query of why we feature. the reply might help you're making the choice to begin wearing a hid weapon, or compel you to maintain sporting for private safety.

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Gun Digest's Concealed Pocket Carry eShort

During this excerpt from the Gun Digest ebook of hid hold, Massad Ayoob covers pocket holsters, drawing from the pocket, firing from the pocket and tactical issues for this mode of hid hold.

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The first time her attacker succeeded in raping her. The second attacker did not. The difference? The second time she was armed and prepared to defend herself. Or the Roman Catholic priest, who grew up in a foreign country known for its civil strife. He has been shot five times and stabbed once, all in separate incidents. ” These are the sort of people Mas spends time with as both a teacher and as a student of the human experience. And that experience is what he willingly and skillfully shares with his students and his readers.

Neither means that by possessing it, you become an official member of the public safety community. Neither means that you don’t need public safety personnel from the fire department or the police department. But the concealed handgun and the fire extinguisher are each emergency rescue tools designed to allow first responders to crisis to hold the line against death and injury, to control things and save lives, until the designated professionals can get to the scene to do what they’re paid to do.

This tends to modify their behavior immediately, without a shot being fired. Remember the Lott study, referenced above, which showed in the 1990s that the overwhelming majority of times a citizen drew a gun to ward off a criminal, the incident ended with no blood being shed on either side of the encounter. The studies of famed criminologist Gary Kleck showed the same thing in the 1980s. A study by the California Attorney General’s Office in the 1970s showed it, too. Another way to see it is to simply take the gun out of the picture, and examine the remaining alternatives.

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