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By Richard L. Sutherland

Analyzing vintage theories, experimental tools, and functional formulation for exploration of the center subject matters in nonlinear optics, the second one variation of this acclaimed textual content used to be widely revised to mirror contemporary advances within the research and amendment of fabric houses for software in frequency conversion, optical switching and proscribing, multiphoton absorption, and electro-optic results. guide of Nonlinear Optics, moment version includes extra chapters on ultrafast characterization recommendations, laser flash photolysis, and the electro-optic impact in addition to increased insurance of nonlinear optics in fibers and pulsed two-beam coupling.

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The forces are applied to successive length increments of the tube at a distance measured along the length of the tube after each successive increment has been exposed to at least an initial portion of the heat zone. The point of application of the forces to each increment between the successive ones of a plurality of passes becomes incrementally closer to the longitudinal axis of the tube. The substrate tube is moved rotatably and heated to an initial temperature while doped reactants are deposited in the tube to form a predetermined profile.

56 OPTICAL FIBRES An analogous system is presented in US 4465708 [AT & T TECHNOLOGIES], 9b 9c 9d 9e ΙΓ 13- in FR 2496231 [NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE], wherein a heated prevents the deposition of glass soot at the head of the torch, flange MANUFACTURE OF OPTICAL FIBRES 57 in US 4368063 [BELL TELEPHONE LABORATORIES], presenting a nozzle of reduced size made of silica glass, the tapering producing an added adjusting effect, in FR 2399978 [NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE], showing concentric nozzles, starting from the central nozzle : a torch with 5 - core glass precursors - cladding glass precursors - a neutral gas (Ar,He,N 2 ) to prevent deposition of glass particles on the nozzles - hydrogen - oxygen The energy source required to form glass soot from the glass precursors may be another one than an oxyhydrogen torch: In DE 2605483 [LICENTIA] and DE 3206178 [LICENTIA] a laser beam is directed on the front surface of the preform to promote formation of a glassy preform, free of pores.

In FR 2266668 [QUARTZ ET SILICE] the reactants are injected radially, so that they are confined to a small, hotter annular space. This avoids a dispersion of the reactants in the whole tube and increases the deposition rate. The injector may be made of graphite. MANUFACTURE OF OPTICAL FIBRES 25 Y/¥/>///////Ak/77777 ^ ^ In US 4235616 [CORNING GLASS WORKS] the reactants are also, with the help of the device shown below, confined to an annualr space, close to the surface to be covered, while fuel gas and oxygen are introduced into the central burner (56).

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