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By J.W. Hertrampf, F. Piedad-Pascual, Sik Lee Ong

Present progress in international aquaculture is paralleled via an both major elevate in businesses excited about aquafeed manufacture. most modern details has pointed out over 1,200 such businesses, now not together with these businesses in construction of a number of different fabrics, i. e. , supplementations, minerals, and therapeutics, all utilized in various levels in right feed formula. Aquaculture industries elevating specific economically valued species, i. e. , penaeid shrimps and salmonids, are making significant calls for on feed parts, whereas particularly new industries, resembling til apia farming, portent an important acceleration well-liked for correctly formulated aquafeeds by means of the tip of the current decade and into the following century. As necessities for aquafeeds raises, shortages are expected in quite a few elements, specifically ordinary proteinaceous assets reminiscent of fish meal. numerous different proteinaceous commodities are being regarded as partial or whole alternative for fish meal, in particular use of plant protein assets equivalent to soybean meal. long ago 5 years, vegetable protein meal creation has elevated 10% whereas fish meal creation has dropped over 50%, because 1989, principally attributed to overfishing and critical decline in wild inventory. all through fisheries processing industries, conventional suggestions as "waste" have given option to extra prudent methods, emphasizing overall derivative restoration. Feed expenses are an important attention in aquaculture the place in a few teams, i. e. , salmonids, excessive protein-containing feeds utilizing caliber fish meal, can account for up to forty to 60% of construction bills.

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The gut-length of fishes is short and the ratio of body length and gut-length is narrow (Table 2-02). The chyme, therefore, stays in the gut only for a short time(51). For this reason fish feed must have a high digestibility. A typical carnivorous fish has a short gut with an extendible stomach for large prey. In the longitudinal axis the stomach can be extended by 30 to 35% and the diameter can increase by 75% (131). Table 2-02: Length of intestines of some aquatic and terrestrial animals in comparison to the animal's body length(51) Species Length of the intestine is ...

87 88 10-01: Flow diagram in the processing of cocoa beans. 101 12-01: Flow diagram for processing of crab protein concentrate. 109 13-01: Diagram of the processing of distillers' dried feeds. 13-02: Variation of the crude protein content of distillers' dried products. 116 117 xl 14-01: Diagram of processing whole egg powder. 126 15-01: The parts of the poultry feather. 15-02; The effect of increasing processing pressure on the pepsin digestibility of continuously and batch processed hydrolysed feather meal.

Four attributes determine the biological characteristics of fish(ll): Reproductive habits, • Requirements of the eggs and larvae, Adaptability to crowding, Feeding habits. Fishes can be classified according to the type of food they prefer under natural conditions(99). The four main categories are (Table 2-01): Herbivores, • Detritus feeders, • Omnivores, • Carnivores. Table 2-01: Feeding habits of selected fish species(58) 1. Herbivores Carp: • Big head carp • Grass carp • Javanese carp • Silver carp Gourami Milkfish Perch Rabbit fish Tilapia Siamese gourami 2.

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