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By Richard Reichelt M.F.A., Richard Wilbers

This choice of interviews with blacksmiths, young and old, female and male, demanding situations preconceived notions approximately practitioners of this old craft. one of the 9 operating smiths inside of a 100-mile radius of St. Louis, Richard Reichelt reveals a variety of personalities, backgrounds, paintings created, and purposes for being a blacksmith.Consider simply 3 blacksmiths integrated during this e-book. Les Ostendorf is a farm blacksmith who sees smithing as an important profession; farmers depend upon him to fix their machinery.L. Brent Kington, Director of the college of artwork at Southern Illinois college, Carbondale, is understood all over the world for rekindling an curiosity in blacksmithing in the past decade and a part. Roberta Ann Elliott-Francis is usually confronted with disbelieving buyers once they notice she is the author of the crafty metalwork she sells.Richard Wilbers and Richard Reichelt, in approximately seventy black and white pictures, rfile each one smith’s paintings.

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Once you start on a project, it just sort of builds. You can work forever on one piece if you want to. Still, we use some of the modern tools. We couldn't do it all by hand or people couldn't afford it. A lot of things I do I don't charge the people for, because I want to do it that way as a challenge or whatever. I just like the effect. But you have to cut some corners. Instead of fire welding every- thing, maybe you weld some things, like a big fence project, with the arc welder. Rick: You and I both know that it takes a lot of helpers to do things in the traditional way.

SIU, Edwardsville, has a program developed primarily by Tom Gipe, who has provided an opportunity to learn smithing for many students around the St. Louis area. Both programs have sponsored exciting, informative workshops and shows of ironwork over the years. The smiths whom I chose to interview are representative Page ix of various specializations and skill levels in the craft. I did not contact all the smiths in the St. Louis-Carbondale area such would be beyond the scope of one volumeand I am sure there are many excellent subjects whom I did not include.

If they don't want the hard surface, we generally temper 'em good and hard so they'll last. I still do a lot of plow work and harrow sharpening, still get some throwaway plowshares, cultivator sweeps, and a lot of repair on farm implements, maybe changing gears or welding the weak spots or reinforcing with an extra piece of iron. You know a lot of stuff at the factories is just slapped together. Or else they put such a poor weld job on it that it doesn't stay put. It's not really blacksmithing anymore because of all the mechanical workworking on gears or putting in new chains or repairing holes in truck beds.

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