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By D. C. Brown

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2 5 ::I ~ 200 400 TEMPERATURE (K) 600 ~-1~ Temperature dependence of the 3F4 -+3H 5 multi-phonon emission rate for Tm3+ in silicate glass. 38] 39 106 Fig. 17 .. --.. 10 5 ~ ... w --.. -I- 0 10 3 L-~--~--~--~--~--~---L­ 400 200 600 O TEMPERATURE {K) o Tm(D-G) Tm(o-G)~ > Q TELLURITE Er~-F) 0 "' I-- c. GERMANATE • 675 OTELLURITE • 350 • Mnf2 10 2 ~=-~~~~~~~=c~~~~~ 2000 6000 AE-ENERGY GAP ! w (NO. OF PHOTONS) Fig. 16. Comparison of the temperature dependences of the 3F4 -+ 3H5 multiphonon emission rates for Tm3+ in four different oxide glasses.

As will be seen below, such intensities, primarily through the third-order nonlinear-susceptibility tensor of glass, give rise to an intensity-dependent change of the local refractive index. The existence of a nonlinear index n2 in glass, is responsible for the now well-known effects of small-scale selffocusing, whole-beam self-focusing, focal zooming, etc. ), routinely observed in large laser systems; these effects impose severe constraints on the obtainable power output and on the fundamental design.

28], that X varies only in the range 0. 1 in a wide variety of compositions. Taking X= 0. 9 a11 ows this simplified determination of crp to be carried out with satisfactory accuracy. 47) Calculations of crp for the transition (4F312 .... 11. The straight line corresponds to the approximate method discussed here, and the dots, the complete calculation. 25] in a complete calculation. 45,47), a was also calculated for the (4F312 .... 27] discussed previously. 7 shows that the agreement is excellent.

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