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By G. T. Herman

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By the commutative and associative properties of discrete convolution, we could equivalently average the data, 9,, but this adds to the computing time (we only convolve H and qR once). This property is easily shown by computing the Fourier series coefficients of the Hamming window. [ [ct + (1 - a) cos (27r,,Yd)] exp ( - 2r~imXd)dX. Xd then H(m)= ~-n ~ o~ i (cosmU-isinmU)dU 2~ _~ d + ~ = [~+(1 - a ) c o s U] exp(-imU)dU ,f cos U (cos m U - i sin m U)d U a (1 - ~)/2 0 if m = 0 if Iml = 1 otherwise.

11a--d. Standard deviation of the noise as a function of position ill a reconstruction of pure noise for 30 projection angles. a Hidden line three-dimensional display - sampling method 1. b Value alo,lg x = 0 - sampling method 1 b . (ILl i] I 51 ,qt,lC E b Let u =x cosnA +ysinnA and u = - x s i n nA + y c o s h A . /(,/a-o 1'),1~.

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