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Download In the Grip of Disease: Studies in the Greek Imagination by G. E. R. Lloyd PDF

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By G. E. R. Lloyd

This unique and energetic ebook makes use of texts from old drugs, epic, lyric, tragedy, historiography, philosophy, and faith to discover the impact of Greek rules on healthiness and illness on Greek suggestion. basic concerns are deeply implicated: causation and accountability, purification and toxins, the mind-body courting and gender alterations, authority and the specialist, fact and appearances, solid executive, and strong and evil themselves.

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What the sick hoped to be cured of was sometimes described as a pathos (from which our term ‘pathology’ comes), but that term could include anything that happened to you or that you underwent or suffered (the cognate verb pascho has those senses). Pathe were not necessarily negative items, ailments that had to be removed. The word is often translated ‘affection’ or ‘feeling’ and in Greek psychological theories it is often interpreted by modern scholars as denoting especially what we call the emotions.

The trouble about Masters of Truth was: could you believe them? There were rather a lot of them and they came in different guises. While the claims they made for themselves— or that were made for them—were that they had special powers, their being special immediately posed problems: what was the origin of these powers? Was it entirely benign? How could they be understood? Could they indeed be believed? We shall see these themes return in our next study. 1 Homer, Iliad 1. 8–26, 33–108 Who then of the gods was it that brought these two together to contend?

23, Aphorisms V 60, L IV 554. 7); (2) of supposed analogues in other species of animals (Aristotle, History of Animals 572b29, On the Generation of Animals 775b5); (3) of the after-birth (On Airs Waters Places ch. 7, CMG I 1 2, 36. 16, On the Diseases of Women I ch. 67, L VIII 140. 16, Aristotle, History of Animals 574b4); (4) of purgatives generally (Aphorisms II 35, L IV 480. 13, On Regimen in Acute Diseases ch. 7, Littré, ch. 24 Jones, L II 276. 6 and 7); (5) on getting rid of such feelings as pity and fear—as in Aristotle’s account of tragedy, see below Ch.

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