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By Michael J. Tyler, Mic Looby

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It happened, in Queensland in the 1980s. People found out that dried cane-toad skin contained a powerful drug that caused hallucinations (a ‘trip’). They would dry toad skins on the car windscreen, scrape them off and make a powder that could be smoked in a pipe. 23 This isn’t new. People were using dried toad skin as snuff 3000 years ago. The chemical which causes the hallucinations, bufotenine, occurs also in the seeds of a tree in Central America, in some grasses, and in certain mushrooms which grow in many parts of the world.

37 In the olden days, frogs had obvious names like bullfrog (frog with a deep call), green frog, rocket frog, fire-bellied toad, marsh toad, sandhill frog, and so on. These names are not very exact. There is probably a ‘bullfrog’ in every country in the world, but in fact these might be 100 different species. What we needed was a more exact way of naming frogs (and other animals). A Swedish scientist called Carl von Linné or Linnaeus worked out a system using Latin words. People have been using the system ever since.

How do 24 frogs find the same cistern? Do they tell each other? Do they smell it? I once read a story in a magazine by a lady who lived in the Northern Territory. She had some visitors from the south who got up early and boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. They were surprised and upset when they found they’d just boiled to death an innocent frog that had been sitting inside the kettle! Unfortunately, they’d already drunk the tea. So far no one has worked out how frogs find water. 31 wondrous weather watchers Ever wanted to know if your sports match would be a washout?

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